Brexit continues (Part 2)


Mickey choked?

As I said, Sapiophiles!

Mickey Harte is a lezzer?
Now I really am confused ! :face_with_monocle:

I’m so old we used to call that bi sexual

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Salmonella Braverman was doing the rounds on the breakfast news broadcasts this morning.
Sycophantic wench, is all she is.

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laughable stuff from sunak, pretending there’d be 7 bins and a tax on eating meat and all sorts of baloney so he can say look at all that baloney I’ve stopped. :roll_eyes:


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In todays world bisexual is very 1980s

The sun really is a rag

:thinking: What have they done now?

I agree btw

Thats for sure. The younger generation love their Labels & I don’t mean fashion labels

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Pronouns get me every time at work

Pseudo name for Arsehole

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