Brexit continues (Part 2)

From Private Eye :grin:


All part of their anti protocol shite. Would have thought the polling numbers would have disauded them from pulling the election trigger early but this is the DUP we’re talking about where the likes of Sammy is seen as some sort of genius


They’ve pulled back some in the polls since the more hardline unionist guy refused to condemn that paedo member of his party who died.

Even still and ignoring for a moment who we’re talking about. Looking at it from a strategic point of view you’d still probably want to eek it out until the last minute. There’s an election due in May anyway

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Actually, they have slipped back again to 17-18% in the last two polls.

DUP won’t take the deputy first minister post. They were always going to pull Stornmont down. The GFA doesn’t suit their agenda anymore as the balance is irrevocably moving away from them. Brexit is a smokescreen.

The election will reveal a lot, particularly the Alliance Party, and whether it time for them to designate themselves as Unionist(lite).


Shame the UUP/Alliance and Green couldn’t merge in some way.

Alliance can’t take a 1st minister post as things stand, they probably should officially realign. They are effectively unionist anyhow as they are calling for the status quo to be maintained for the time being.

Any move to reduce the influence of the DUP should be considered in my view.

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Funny I just saw a unionist on Twitter say they’re the same as SF


Ha no, not that eejit

It would be a massive kick in the hole for the DUP if the Alliance did this and became the largest Unionist party.

His orders are being ignored so far and checks are continuing.

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Ha. Civil servants ignoring poots

Uh okey dokey. Such a normal thing to say

Ran out of words to describe the DUP.

They refuse to say if they’ll share power, if SF are voted in as the largest party. Heads we win - tails you lose. Taig votes don’t count.

Poots is abusing his ministerial powers to win grassroot support. Otherwise his career’s over in May.

They’re suffering in the polls. So wrap themselves in a union flag and blame the Protocol - a result of Brexit which they championed.

Then tear up an international agreement as if it didn’t exist.

And pull down Stormont for good measure.

And no doubt FG will invite them to the next party conf. Show how intelligent and mature they are. 1 or 2 sugars Jeffrey?

Let Leo live up here and see what it’s like to live with a bunch of homophobic, backward, fukcwitted hillbillies.

Oh wait, I’ve found a word for the DUP after all. Fukcers


The ultimate oxymoron.

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That’s the one. Pathetic backwoods men in suits.


Democratic when they have the majority only.

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