Brexit continues (Part 2)

All of that to keep the doubters on side, like johnson saying “no one is talking about leaving the single market smirk

Yes, a winnable form of independence. The way the tories sneer at the Blackford in the house of commons grates with scottish big time. Staying in the British armed forces is a stroke of genius, a lot of people would have had an issue with that.

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Well, she is in a pickle, as its not granted that an indy referendum would win, or even win by enough to prevent a best of three, even with Brexit. The tories, naturally, do not want independence, and Labour fear that losing their scottish seats will render obtaining a majority in the commons all but impossible for ever.

By going to the UK Supremes she is deliberatly going for the stoking of anger in the undecided cohort. For days and weeks the arguments will dominate the news agenda there, and then when the Court says no (which it will) she will bang on about “all we asked for was the right to vote, which LONDON is denying us” and take that into the election which Johnston (or a successor) will call as soon as he is humanly able to.

Its a clever ploy. I see she has rattled some cages as there is now the start of an argument akin to the DUP’s on Brexit - the UK is actually 1 country, and you need the majority of that country to approve of scottish independence, not a local one. Not true in law, but sure the UK government doesnt believe in the rule of law.

The whole UK thing is a sham, as we well know. Union by consent, at the end of a gun, same as for their commonwealth. The English learned long ago that the way to rule these places is to get local bullies to do it for you, and back them up with your troops. As long as they call you boss, and pay you taxes, they can have as much phoney “autonomy” as they like.


Yea it’s a clever enough move, when the referendum is denied, that’ll stoke up plenty of aggro. According to Scottish friends johnson and his gov are turning people away from the UK in their droves and the rule by people who clearly despise Scotland is not a good look.

I dont think there is enough of them. They need assurances from the EU that they can join, and the EU probably wont give that this side of a referendum as it would be interference with an internal UK political process. Otherwise they will be looking at a “Scottish protocol” and you’ll have Labour/Tories in the DUP role.

As an aside, of course we have seen that interference in internal politics is something that the UK government is perfectly happy to do regarding the destabilising of the EU. I always laugh at those, like Hilary Clinton, who think politics is a gentleman’s game with their “we go high” bollocks. How did that work out for ya?

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Been some pretty strong signals to that effect I thought.

With an English nationalist government in London, patently ignoring the devolved govs, i really think they’re driving nationalism in the other countries.

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polling is neck and neck and we all know the British love some dodgy polling (recent polls from Liverpool on NI)

not even ignoring, you have johnson saying its a bad idea altogether…

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Silly decision I think. There’s a lot more bothering people at the moment. She would have been better leaving it a year.

I think she is worried that, like with May and Johnson, whoever knifes the PM will run to the country in a snap election. the talk is that the mood of the Tory party will be gauged at their conference in the autumn. While Johnson just about has the support of the commons party, he was miles ahead of anyone else with the ordinary party members, so their Ard Fheis is an easy way for that elements mood to be weighed.

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But it inconveniences the Tories

Another issue they don’t need currently


It’s a smart move to have the referendum bill referred immediately to the UK Supreme Court, to test its legality. That mechanism will speed up what could otherwise have been an endlessly delayed process of legal challenges and the SNP waiting on Johnson.

If the Supreme Court does not affirm the legality of a referendum in October next year, the SNP will then treat the next UK general election as a single-issue referendum on the matter of Scottish independence.

Essentially, it accelerates what would otherwise be a long drawn out process and it also allows the SNP to ride the momentum of the 2021 election, a faltering British economy and displeasure with the Tories.

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Possibly but things could be worse in a year, there are accusations she is moving too slowly by some, the worse brexit gets the stronger her hand = look at the mess the tories are making for us with their hard brexit etc.


Crystal ball politics , when will people not have something bothering them ? Who foresaw a global pandemic ? Who saw petrol running to over 2 quid at the petrol pump ? People struggling to heat homes and feed themselves ?
UK for many reasons is screwed ,so whens the day to push for independence ?
If things were going well and people had nothing to worry about ,you can guarantee it would be spun its because they are in the united kingdom, halleluiah

Yeah sounds about right.


The EU would take Scotland in, in a heart-beat and for them to say so would be no more intrusive on politics in the UK, than to say they wouldn’t! If they were asked, they would have to say “probably yes” as Scotland meets all criteria. Plus they owe Johnson fock all. The fear would be to fuel the secessionary (??) zeal of Catalonia etc.

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Making snide quotes when at wrong end of an 80 seat majority. Great work Labour.

They are absolutely doing that and have been doing so for some time, possibly 10 years, at least 5-6, along with Russia, and the US, at least pre-Biden, though I wouldn’t trust that isn’t still something of part of their game. Certainly destabilization of the EU, and making the UK even more dependent on the US. Thereby holding onto their power/influence in Europe

This “fear” of European regions like Catalonia becoming more independent that is trotted out like a mantra for decades now, often makes me wonder about the reality. Historically the ‘fear’ is of course being attached to the risk of increased nationalism and exceptionalism. But it’s happening anyway even without regions seceding. I wonder is it as much to do with elites not wanting to lose their cash-cows and power

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