Brexit continues

Labour used to be sizable enough. In a left but not completely looney left way. Totally divided now though. Shinners, labour, social democrats, people before profit etc etc etc

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Agreed and with the greatest of respect, it is the loony right that is destroying the world. Bolsonaro, Putin, Kim, Trump, Boris, Erdogan and Xi…think about that. Jesus wept. You wouldn’t put any of them in charge of a sweet shop.

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Agree entirely.

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The left may be fragmented no doubt but their increasing numbers have definitely shook up the Dail and the cosy cartel that existed there.

Putin former KGB who worships Stalin, Kim is a Communist as is Xi.

You have a strange conception of what constitutes “extreme right.”

Not to mention lumping in Johnson and Trump with them.

Some of you here could do with reading a few books.

Patel is an author as well as a ride?



You’re a sick man @dubinhell

And you could do with trying to be less of an insufferable gee bag. If you are suggesting that either Putin or Kim are socialist or left wing in any way, as opposed to totalitarian fascists, you are literally making a show of yourself. So fir example, extreme right means abusing homosexuals, as every person I listed, is a fan of.

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:crazy_face: :heart_eyes:

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She wrote “Being a ■■■■ for Dummies”.

50 Shades of Nazi

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That last line :fire::fire::fire:

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Castro, Lenin, Stalin, Mao all hated the gays, as did Hitler.

So you are saying that there were no socialists ever? Places calling themselves socialist republics were just taking the p1ss were they?

Reality is of course, as you vaguely comprehend is that far right and far left are like the circle - they meet. Socialism is a myth, Its been tried. Millions were slaughtered in the experiment.

As I said, there are books that explain this better than I do.

you obviously don’t even know what socialism means. It means the common or state ownership of the means of production. So the Soviet union and its imitators were socialist. As is Cuba and North Korea.

Socialism is a bit like Christianity in that its never really been fully tried - Listen to Chomsky

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No. Socialism has never been tried and it is not the same as communism, which has been tried and many died, as you say. I’m bored of this now so let’s (you and I) never discuss it again. As recommended, read some Chomsky.

If it’s been knocking around since the 1800s but has never actually been tried, I think we can safely say its a non runner.

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A it like world peace. Let’s forget it so.

Not the way Gove thought it would go :rofl:

what a tool.

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