Brexit continues

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Quelle surprise from Priti the fucking wagon

If they are already citizens, why are they paying for citizenship?

“Only for middle class”. Jolly good Pritti. The old caste system. Keep the riff raff out.
Keep Britain British. They can have it.

Mark Francois in being arsehole shocker

A total kont. If he cannot see that he is a migrant… mind you, Priti can’t either. Ho hum.

What an oaf

Speaking of how great Britain is…

They should let Hogan do the negotiations with the Brits. :grin:

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So, at last, behaving like a Tory can really get you into trouble…



Oh my God. The brilliance of that…the sheer, unmitigated brilliance of that !

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From The Sunday Times, I believe?

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Days after a former Tory MP (MP until the last election) is convicted of sexual assault, a current, serving Tory MP was arrested and bailed over the weekend on suspicion of rape.

Meanwhile, Len McCluskey threatens to throw the toys out of his pram.

Len in being a prick shocker

It’s Excellent On so many levels.

Sun lit uplands etc…

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