watched a snippet of him on the steps where he was bumbling along. He is completely out of his depth where actual policy and action is required. He looks distinctly uncomfortable facing the new found scrutiny that only really Andrew Neil gave him during the Tory leadership contest


BoJo isn’t for a No-Deal-Brexit. Nor is he for an agreed Brexit Deal. He is not a remainer. The only think that Boris Johnson cares about is Boris Johnson. He is a selfish fuckwit.


Johnson and Farage running scared…

Johnson being told that they will return fewer than 300 MP’s if an election was to be held now. Farage claiming Johnson is now looking to push May’s deal through.


Bet anything Boris didn’t get it


Actually, for once, and once only, fair play to Varadkar. Nice to see an Indian scalping a cowboy on live tv!


I would have thought the north customs union type arrangement would be doing the rounds more now. Considering this British Government are effectively done Brexit is the only thing they can really try to get over the line. They don’t need the DUP anymore for this and the arrangement that made most sense in the beginning ought to be out there more in my view.

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They want to restrict freedom of movement but insist there will be no checks on the Irish border … kind of defeats the purpose …

Freedom of movement within England more like. They couldn’t give a toss about the north


civil disturbance? boo feckin hoo.


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Boris wouldn’t give a fiddlers if Belfast burnt to the ground. However, a six-county backstop is the obvious solution. There is fcuk all industry left in the north. The Goldilocks deal offers them the best of both worlds. Staying in the EU and staying in the UK. Economically, it is a fantastic outcome for the north. The loyalist drug-dealers will rant and riot and then fcok off back to their booze and coke. Meanwhile there will be more jobs and more prosperity. And London would be free of it.


But… how exactly does a customs divergence threaten the status of the north. The EU can’t force a united ireland, only the people on this island collectively can do that. An EU customs arrangement will further promote an All Ireland economy which was already an objective of the GFA. No big deal.

Arlene went all out under the Brexit banner and it’s about to come full circle on her. It’s illogically really apart from trying to shore up votes. But the reality is there are goods that are imported into NI from Britain that already go through rigorous checks. Thats what ports are for. However the mash up that separates North from South is no place for an EU frontier. There are more official crossings in that few hundred miles than the whole eastern frontier of the EU.


Bunch of childish c*nts


Not good news. the only good thing is that this parliament will select the next speaker, not the next one, so they can pick a non swivel eyed loon … hopefully.

will they select one of the ousted Conservatives as a last F you to Boris?

Has Bercow had enough or is he trying to achieve something with this announcement/plan?

Grieve would be the most capable one but would be more useful on the benches. That said no guarantee he gets re-elected.

Said in 2017 he would only stay on for one more term as speaker. Election is coming in the next 6 months anyway.