None of them do same with the Fine Gael fuckers that pretend they have a social conscious.

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none of them have a social conscience.

Our political class in this country are all self serving under-performing , pocket lining leeches.

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What county is that london Jack?


Don’t tell me, it’s Arlene, Harpo Marx and some bloke from the league of gentlemen

The one in the middle is Gisela Stewart. Not sure if she’s still a MP. But she is/was Labour Party and very much pro-Brexit, as much as the other two beegags in the picture. The irony is that Stewart was born and raised in West Germany.

No it’s nasty nick cotton.

So no one even from Briton

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Referenced already in the thread

Great film

He hasn’t shown it much in the Commons.

More than Johnson has though to be fair. Although that’s not saying much

Johnson was a disaster zone in PMQs last week, then again later in the debate.

Tories are going to put a candidate up against Bercow at the next election. What a shower of bitter c*nts. Announced by the most horrible of them all, Andrea Loathsome.


Labour should be pushing for a referendum, pre-election.

wow that is very very bitter. probably ensures he will get elected, hopefully.


Ideally. It then effectively takes Brexit out of any election equation.

Bullying scumbaggery of the highest order.

No more than you would expect from this bunch of Neo-Trump liars and thieves