Not good news. the only good thing is that this parliament will select the next speaker, not the next one, so they can pick a non swivel eyed loon … hopefully.

will they select one of the ousted Conservatives as a last F you to Boris?

Has Bercow had enough or is he trying to achieve something with this announcement/plan?

Grieve would be the most capable one but would be more useful on the benches. That said no guarantee he gets re-elected.

Said in 2017 he would only stay on for one more term as speaker. Election is coming in the next 6 months anyway.

it will probably be another labour or Lib Dem in reality then if they can convince the tory rebels to agree to that

Bercow may be a bit ott but he is shrewd. What’s he really at here?

Speakers terms don’t in theory end with Parliament dissolution


Making sure the tories don’t get to choose the next speaker. He’s a clown but he defended their parliamentary democracy.

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Thanks lads.


Grieve forensically taking apart Bojo’s reason prorouging Parliament

Can someone explain why the word constitution is being used so often lately in regards to British politics when Britain haven’t got a constitution??

And Clowns in this country buy that rag


100% not even when they gave it away for free would I read it. Such an anti irish pro Tory rag.


The FAI gladly take the shilling too as sponsor of the Senior Cup. Says it all.

Not anymore

Aye. Says a lot when the rag thinks association with the FAI is damaging their ‘brand’.

Mind you the GAA took their filthy lucre for the International Rules a few years back too.