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What do you make of O’Driscoll’s comments that Ireland would have to “ditch” the GAA in order to become a the best nation in world rugby? is he sending shots or does he have an argument?

Blasphemed? Typical media BS at play here. What he is stating is fact. He is not suggesting for a moment that GAA be discarded. Donnie is right. FAKE news.


hahaha … so much fuss about a throw away comment. He was simply stating the fact they rugby is the 4th sport in ireland, if even that.


You wouldn’t expect less coming from the Indo I suppose, I think what he said was taken out of context, what he was trying to say for a nation our size and rugby being one of the lesser favoured sports we’re doing quite well, and to reach the next level, rugby would need to be our main sport…

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Beat me to it tayto, I knew it was all pony to be honest just wanted to see others views on it

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Yest it garners more probably far more than the fourth largest total sports sponsorship revenue, I’d imagine. Probably a lot more than the fourth largest amount of newspaper column inches, too.

Thats what amuses me when people complain about the government funding of different sports. Every time the gov gives a grant to the GAA the chip on the shoulder brigade are up in arms, but a sport should get funding comparable to it’s membership & playing population surely, not equal funding for the sake of equal funding.


Can’t wait for this to turn into “It’s all Dublin Football’s Fault”…

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GAA would get a lot more column inches if the media had more access to players & management. They don’t, so other sports that are more media friendly, will continue to hoover up the lions share of the the press attention. Can’t blame them for that.

Rugby players are full time professionals. It’s possibly part of their contracts to be available for media work.

United Ireland would be a shoe in if we abandoned the ould GAH for the rugger …

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Yeah, probably. But the near total media blackout that most intercounty managers enforce with their squads doesn’t really help promote the games or the sport, or do much to encourage the meeja to cover them. So complaining about the lack of GAA coverage is one thing. Blaming it on some inherently biased mind set of the media is another imo. It’s largely self inflicted, or self imposed, if you will.

I would disagree. I think he’s far too intelligent for throw away remarks. It’s designed for impact and he knows it

What makes you think he’s intelligent?

I’m surprised Hoganstand haven’t worked up a lather about this yet. They have a tread about the ‘onslaught’ of Rugby going for what seems like years now. Some scary reading for us metropolitan types!

I think Brian O’Driscoll played a season for Clontarf ?

I’ve met him a few times and he’s highly intelligent. He knows exactly what he’s doing there.

[quote=“TheLoneRanger, post:19, topic:1846”]
I’ve met him a few times and he’s highly intelligent. He knows exactly what he’s doing there.
[/quote]What he’s doing and whether it has an actual impact though are two different things.

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Agreed but he knows the media will jump on it. And they have.

I do think it’s much ado about nothing. Rugby still suffers from the whole hysteria over head injuries and I know a lot of parents who would have gaelic games/soccer ahead of rugby in the list of sports that they want their kids to pursue.