Build up to the do you do yours?

Gonna be a few long weeks…

But you can feel the atmosphere build up around these around parts.

Was in Donaghmore earlier, and the bunting and flags are out in force. Looks well. It’s the village where P Harte teaches. My wife was in a Gervaghey and she was saying the same.

Was also at a prize-giving today for Summer Camp and 2 Tyrone players were signing jerseys and handing out awards for the kids.

Felt stupid asking them about the game so just wished them luck.

Apart fron the scramble to get tickets…is there any novelty factor in Dublin because it’s not Mayo…or lack of excitement coz everyone predicting a Dublin win?

For my part I’m still on the look out for Omens to prove that Sam is heading up the road.

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What do I do to build up Al? Not much really. His self esteem seems fine to me. :smile:


Don’t you dare mention complacency or else Al will flip!

Maybe it’s different build-up here.

First AI final in 10 years.

No one really expecting it, especially after Monaghan.

But over one game you never know.

Yep, you got it Daller, one game you never know. I don’t live in Ireland so I can’t answer your question but knowing you are going into one game that decides all shreds my nerves. That’s my build-up!

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Ha. For sure.

I know this thread probably deserves to be in the AI Final thread…but I’m trying to avoid the analysis and just trying to enjoy the build up.

One thing for sure is how kids pick up on the atmosphere. The amount of jerseys and young lads going to training. Success breeds success.

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Funny that, my little fella was born in 2015 so like Brian Fenton, he is unbeaten in championship football and he is starting to get into the game a bit more. It’s obviously helped by the huge A3 picture of the 2011 winning free (top man @Harrys_Tiles) and the model of Croker in the sitting room that he loves looking around and being told about different bits of the ground.

I have him brainwashed that badly & on the morning of the Super8 game v Donegal, my wife tried to put a Donegal jersey on him to send a pic to my father to wish him luck for that evening and he was like “No, Mommy! Up the Dubs top only”

That’s my boy…


Usually very nervous the week before the game, have to have copious amounts of alcohol in the build up to let me sleep. Am fierce ratty with the kids if they’re at me and I’m trying to read something about the game or especially if I haven’t got my ticket yet.

I feel a small bit more relaxed this year, as this team have nothing left to prove in my eyes. Back to back was immense, 3 in a row was the stuff dreams are made of. If they manage to overcome Tyrone? A whole new level of happiness will have been created.

Night before… Usually watch ‘up for the match’ for the sheer mischief of it. You might grab a funny story or something like that from an ex player, then when that’s over. It’s one (max 2) more drinks, then into bed. Up earlyish. Fry up. Coffee. Small walk with the dog and kids. A mighty shite (brought on by said coffee and walk) and then sips of water. Never drink alcohol before the game, too nervous to. Never talk much about it to anyone, until I’m with the gang on the hill. Then we have small chats. Then it’s the minor game, which I find is a fantastic distraction. And sure then the ball is thrown in… Nothing more to say. Up the Dubs!


I medidtate to black eyed peas. Tonight going to be a good night…

In your tracksuit bottoms?


Build up definitely seems a bit muted this year. Think our not playing Mayo or Kerry has a lot to do with it. I miss them the way I do the puss filled boil on my arse, acquired from an improperly placed saddle during riding lessons. You can’t help feel it when it’s there, but you don’t mourn its absence, when it’s gone. The non stop drama & media arse licking (especially surrounding Mayo, sorry @mayoman ) was becoming increasingly toxic & repetitive.

Don’t have many build up rituals, other than going to see the aul fellas grave in Glasnevin. It’s usually his birthday the week of the final & it’s nice to have him be a part of it all. Will deffo watch Up For The Match, if only to critique Grainne’s fashion choices that always make her hips look chunky. Seriously. Whassup w’dat?

Have some cousins up from Limerick at the weekend. Am looking forward to doing the town with them & enjoying the craic, without caring who wins on Sunday. I can’t really enjoy the 24 hrs before the football final. Too nervous. I don’t drink anymore, so self medicating is not an option. So it’s a quiet night in, with lots of chocolate biscuits & trying not to be ratty to people here, as the clock ticks ever closer to 3.30 on Sunday afternoon.

I live by the sea & have a gorgeous view out over Dublin Bay. On match day, my last act before jumping on the 31 bus to Faiview Park, is to look out over Dublin Bay, Howth to my left, Dun Laoghaire to my right, Sugarloaf standing guard off in the distance & thank the Lord for being born in the greatest city on earth. Oh and not having chunky hips.

Up the Bleedin’ Dubs !!!


Yeah. Always the tracksuit bottoms…

Well it’s been a while since we were last in CP on final day.

Stills seems a bit strange…it’s a bit odd without the ‘will it be Mayo’s year?’ And no Kerry.

Mass in morning. Then a big feed. The wife is very practical.

She makes flask of tea, sanwiches, crisps and sweets like we’re going to starve.

Tickets? Check
Flags on cars? Check
Money for tolls? Check
Diesel? Check

Still working on the first one (tickets) but fingers crossed.

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That cool PD.

Touches on how the GAA binds communities…and families.

Was in Donaghmore earlier, and saw load of kids and grown ups wearing Tyrone regalia. There was a fun run.

For any kid under 13, it’s their first experience of a build-up to a final. Now the place is red and white.

No World Cup Final could do that.

My father grew up Drumcondra, in the shadow of Croke Park, went to O’Connells Schools (where you’ve probably parked you car on match day,) yet he never set foot in Croke Park in his life. He was a life long Bohs supporter who despised the GAA. His father was a very violent man who beat his three sons when he discovered their love of “foreign” sports. The lads would throw their soccer boots & gear over a neighbours garden wall & collect them later, as to walk thru the house with them on, would only invite another thumping from Himself.

My father tolerated my love for Heffo & the Dubs in the 70’s, but he didn’t share it. The scars went too deep. He was happy when we won, as it made me happy, but that was about it.

So let’s not get overly sentimental here. It’s not feckin’ hurling. :wink:


Must be a bit strange for the Mayo fans.

For the past few years it’s been about them and whether it was going to be their year.

Have to say it was great as a neutral…even though I always felt Dublin would win in the end.

In years to come, people will remember the tussles between LK and DC.

If it’s right across from CP…then yes.

After the semi with Kerry a few years ago…it took us nearly an hour just to get out.

The fellas that took your money coming in cleared off - so it was like a free for all on the way out.

Very jealous that we are not in the final I have to admit…when your there it’s so exciting…:the whole county looking forward to it, nervous, wondering will it finally be our day…I can only describe it as Christmas Eve as a child.

The color and flags increase as the day gets nearer, constant phone call about tickets, ex pats home from the US and UK and the false rumors of “such a player is injured” or “you won’t believe who I heard is starting” pub talk of course…

The morning of the game though is where it really hits me…early start, driving east, beeping at cars you know that you pass on the motorway…people waving mayo flags from the overpasses in Athlone and Kildare…then heading into the big smoke…

Watching your county march behind the band and standing for the national anthem…saying a quiet prayer to myself and thinking of those who aren’t here anymore…then the roar and the ball is thrown in…

Of course that’s where the fun ends from my point of view and it’s a long road home the Monday when you loose but still…it’s great to be a part of it and we will be back someday soon to win it I hope.

To the Dublin and Tyrone fans here…enjoy the build up.


It’s on the North Circular Road, just down from Gills pub & the GAA ticket office. The Canal End stand (I refuse to call it the Davin) is behind it.

There is another car park over on Clonliffe Rd, nearer the Hogan Stand (in the college grounds) that is legendary for how long it takes to get out of.

Wonder if it’s St Joseph’s college then? It’s a fancy place with fields behind it.

Ten euro a car. But good way to raise funds.

Yeah I still say Canal end. Makes more sense anyways.

A lot of schools are taking Monday 3rd off.

It’s the first day back so not like a pile of work would be done anyways.

And talking of raising funds…lots of clubs will be keeping aside 2 tickets for a raffle. Great way to pull in a few quid and everyone will have a flutter.