Build up to the do you do yours?

Magic. Maith thú

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Good post, @mayoman.

Where would you stay on the night of big games? Would some mates or relatives put you up or would you have to go looking for a B&B/Hotel in advance (costly enough, I’d imagine)?

It’s SRA1 you International Paper Size measurement standards philistine :wink:


People just don’t have an appreciation of Paper Size measurement standards.

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Actually I even know that it’s nowhere near A3, more than likely it was near enough A1 in old money.

I feel sufficiently scolded :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Absolute anarchy

The panic for ticket searching is thankfully gone with the parnell park pass , 2011 and 2015 involved harassing and tormenting everyone. now , it will be getting chilled out and sat down to watch up for the match on the sturday night , up early the next morning get the fry on and maybe bring the kids off for an hour to give the good lady a lie in. Off to Clearys on amien street for early pints , ahead of 2011 said i wasnt drinking before , but the nerves had be consume a couple of pints in warp speed time. Head on into croker , mate has to buy the overpriced eclairs which he shares one or two and munches the rest , then its sit back and observe.

I would have started going to games from 96 onward so never had the all Ireland final experience of 95 (or indeed 1992 & 1994). Often sat in croke park after the championship defeats taking one last look around the place for the year before wandering off to a pub wondering if we would ever get to a final again.

special times we are in and while it wont last for ever - lets hope it goes on for as long as possible.


I know Harry… I sometimes have to take a lie down because it upsets me that much.

I’d say that’s more age related.

Last two years myself and a few friends booked into Citywest where the team stay. Have stayed at the red cow/green isle and in friends houses in the past too…I won’t even think about how much I’ve spent following Mayo but I enjoy it so it’s worth it…flights to NYC next May for the first round of the championship already booked :slight_smile:


Christ yer a mad lot. Was talking to a mayo girl who i had nt seen in about 15 years or so. She told me she went to last years final against Dr orders - she had her 3rd child by caesarean 2 weeks previous.

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nice - would love an away day like that


1st step of build-up has been completed, a day’s leave on 3rd of September has been booked … :beers: :beers: :beers:


i’m on a 12pm flight to frankfurt for work on the monday - might just go straight to the airport

Think they’ll let you on a plane? :nauseated_face: :nauseated_face:

A distinct lack of straw hats, a lack of all ireland finals songs and more tickets for club members actually from Dublin. . . .The things that are different in the build up when Mayo aren’t in the final🤣, sorry Mayoman.

The last good all Ireland final song I recall the Tyrone boys singing was in 95 ‘Peter Canavan walks on water’

My build up is very low key, dislike up for the match, mainly due to whoopin, straw hats and mayo for Sam songs.

Go for a walk on final morning to get the papers I’ll never really read. Love that so many people moving around totally oblivious to the day that it it is. Bump in to random people wearing the blue and give them the knowing nod and encouraging word.

In 2011 my dad was very I’ll, didn’t think he would pull through. Walked down Jones road that day very proud he was with me and we’d made it, the outcome of the game was secondary for me. Thankfully he still is with me and if all goes well we’ll make the same walk again this year happy knowing every year since has been a huge bonus.


What’s the morning after been like out in City West the last few years? Is it actually enjoyable anymore?

Fantastic few days and likely the last one for us with championship re strutting coming down the line. 2,000 mayo fans already booked to go out I’m hearing.

It’s awful…no other way to put it. I drove from Citywest home at about 1pm on the Monday last year with three mates and we headed straight for the local…had a few days booked of work so there was nothing else to do…but yeah you can feel the doom and gloom everywhere you go…it gets worse with every defeat.

Getting knocked out early is not as disappointing as loosing finals.

If we win I’m gonna sing this in the Confession Box afterwards, that’ll learn yiz :grinning: