Bayern 5-0 up at half time against Dortmund :open_mouth:

Bayern also had another goal ruled out for offside

Get on Dortmund with William Hill … at 25,000/1 !!!

Everton are only 70/1 …

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Cuala would take them handy enough.

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Terrible really. Dortmund were a great side under klopp for a few seasons, hammered Bayern 5-2 in a cup final to do the double. Bayern did what they do to their rivals and take all their best players.

Dortmund doing better the last couple of seasons than in Klopper’s last season! Schalke are flying lately and could be the only real contenders next season.

Yeah their last season under him was poor but back to back bundesligas a cup and champions league final between 2011-13. What they wouldn’t give for that now.

Who’s the most unpopular fan on the Borrusia Moenchengladbach terrace?
The one who shouts "Give us a ‘B’…


I think Werder Bremen might be back in the hunt for European places this year.

Do I dare to say, why?

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This is fantastic. We have threads about nearly every league in Europe and another for any league in Europe that doesn’t have its own thread. The day ohm learned to create threads was a sure good one for Ressers. :+1:

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Make no mistake. Most of the bigger German soccer clubs have threads on them relating to Dublin hurling. F.F.S.

Any on Münster hurling?

Jawohl. Borken beat Coesfeld 1.13 to 2.9 after extra time.

Insert Schutte brothers joke here.

It’s a Ruhral sport there.

You should get an autobahn for that one.

Trés Bonn.

Think we should just Hanover to some of the others.

I was Munchen on a Hamburger.

Did you have French Frieburgs with it?

I think PSG have a great chance … sorry wrong thread. Must head over to the French one …