Buying from USA / virtual address

Has anyone ever used one of those companies that provide you with a ‘virtual address’ ?

Can you recommend one that ships to Ireland ? And what they charge?

Looking at buying a MACBOOK PRO from the USA, as their prices are good.


I’ve used both parcel motel and address pal. The latter was more timely.

It costs less than €4 per package

Can ya still get done for paying tax here on purchases from the US ?

only if you get caught …

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Not sure of US virtual addresses. As you are buying electronics from the US you will be subject to VAT on import (no duty on electronics). Parcel Motel and maybe others won’t accept a package if there is outstanding dues owed to customs. So be careful using it from the states. If using them I think you would be aswell just getting it delivered to your work place or home.

Thanks lads for all the advice. Will go away now and do a bit of research on the VAT issue. Fair play.

Try based in Newry , one person I know has used it and had good opinion on it

I used a few times before and they were grand. I got hit for customs in Ireland.

Have you tried using the refurb store on Apple? You can get up to 15%. Have been buying macs for 18 years and have always bought from refurb. Brand new items.

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