Camogie 2018

They put something in the water down here, i’m convinced of it - to be fair she has a point.

What point is she making? I can’t figure it out.

I’ll translate from cwark. I think she’s saying double headers are gash.

So she’d rather be playing in some kip in front of no one. Fair enough. Let them off so.


She makes her point very clearly and then qualifies it. I don’t agree with her point of view - clearly you don’t either - but it’s crystal clear.

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Good luck to the dubs today

Dubs going well

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Dubs won’t be happy having only three scores in the second half

What a great incentive for any young player…

Anyone see this?

not a huge fan of online publication generally but occasionally the 42 do articles like this which stand out

Dublin seniors got a fairly big beating from cork. Any progress been made here? Thought after last year they would build on it and move forward but they seem to be stuck in a rut.

I think a few of last year’s panel opted out this year so that is a bit of a set back. They should beat Meath and they have Tipp at home which is very winnable so quater finals this year would be a good return

Camogie seems to be going well at all levels this year. Senior last through to quarter finals and both under 16 squads beating Kilkenny last weekend.

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Best of luck to the Dubs in the quarter finals today

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Big defeat. 4 points in an hour’s hurling is a really poor return.

Galway just too good, no shame in that. Have come on a lot in the last few years, but not to that level yet. Underage teams going well I believe.