Camogie 2019

No thread for this although there doesn’t seem to be too much interest with it.

Dublin look like they have taken a step or two back under new management but that could be due to new methods under new management. Hopefully will be all guns blazing come championship time.
This Dub is doing well though:

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Dublin camogie needs to make a break through at some level to put camogie on the map and to compete with other sports for players.somewhat like the hurlers foorball takes precident over camogie.dlgfa treat the camogie as second citizens and constañtly arrange fixtures to clash with camogie playing on the pull if football over camogie.dublins best minor foeward this year at camogie chose been a sub for foitball over camogie.

Can you give me examples of Dublin Lgfa fixing games to clash with camogie ?

Yes.dublin u14 football trials always held on a designated camogie day.last year u14 ladies football championship on the night before u14 camogie all ireland(14 out of the squad of 21 played at 7.30 on a friday night before playing at 11 the next morning fir beat in the final by wexford)last week girls asked not to train or play with clubs or camogie county a week befire leinster u16 football final.could go on and on

Not laying the blame at either county board in particular but my daughter will have played 6 games in 8 days between camogie and football by the end of this week. Mad stuff. I can’t for the life of me understand why the two boards can’t ctrl+c, ctrl + v, the Dublin GAA fixture lists and let the girls play on alternate weekends at juvenile level.

note: I realise you’re still going to get some fixture congestion even if that happened.

I think you will find that camogie have had trials for teams on as you term it designated football days .
It would be common practice for teams to ask players to take it easy the week before a Leinster final . If that is right or wrong is a matter of opinion .
Underage calendar is produced at the start of the year.

Can you break down the age levels that she has played in ?Just out of curiosity.
Are these game all with the club?
Are they the same age level ?

All club, one game was playing up with the year above and just found out two matches are refixes so I guess the fixture co-ordinators can’t be blamed there. The run goes Tue (football), Wed (camogie), Friday (football), Saturday (football with year above), Tue (football), Wed (camogie).

Firstly imo you can’t complain about the amount of games your daughter is playing and allow her to play with a team a year above her . That to me is hypocritical.
That would bring the game span down to 5 in 8.
Two of these games were refixed games . Again if the games were played on original date you would be talking about 3 games in 8 days .

Camogie have not had trials on football weekends.last 2 years camogie trials all held in off season while football held on designated camogie weekends.all dublin u14 leinster games on designated dublin camogie days all fact.gurls requested not to play football or camogie a week before u16 football final is crazy.girls missed at least 2 games for their clubs.

Dublin dont control the fixing of Inter County games. So if they are fixed on same day as Dublin Club Camogie cant see how Dublin LGFA can be blamed for this. If a girl is playing Inter County at any level it is inevitable they will have to sacrifice some club activity.This is just a fact of life…

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Dublin ladies gaa fixed dublin championship football u14 the night before camigie all ireland blitz 14.they fix dublin trials on agreed camigie league days.all fact

Most striking they voted down alternate weekends at their recent agm

I believe Camogie have done exactly the same. There’s a pair of them in it, not all one sided…

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You need to share both sides of the story. U/14 league football is played on and has always been played on Friday nights,so it’s wrong of you to suggest that the ladies board just decided to play a round on fixtures the night before a Camogie blitz. Club fixtures are normally fixed at the start of the year before county fixtures.
Also it was the clubs who voted against having alternative weekends for football/Camogie and one of the reasons was Dublin Camogie hadn’t and still haven’t agreed to do the same.

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Dublin camogie would do alternate weekends.feel it will come next year because clubs will be better prrpared and organised going to football trials on designated camogie weekends is just showing no regard for the other sport.but camogie has tioget its house in order and be more successfull underage so girls will choose camogie.

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@Dubcat Are other counties having the same issues between both codes?

Yeah … Kilkenny …

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Actually kikennys best minor camogie player didnt play for miors this year as she got on the irish hockey u18 u15 camogie player not playing as on irish u15 soccer squad.on a seperate point their u16 twam who beat dublin last sunday in the leinste final played minor for their clubs last monday and u16 for their clubs on the wednesday before playing dublin last missing games for their clubs.