Camogie 2021 Draft Fixture Plan

It appears Camogie association has circulated draft fixture plan for 2021inter county season - looks to have reverted to old format - does not seem to give much prominence to Club season - looks like championship will have to kick off late August / September

Main points in the draft plan

  1. No split season between club and inter-county fixtures.

  2. Relegation in both league and championship.

  3. Seconds teams in Intermediate and Junior competitions to be grouped together and not meeting counties with just one team until the knock-out stages.

  4. Later start to the league – first weekend of March – and finishing with finals on the first weekend of May

  5. No intercountry games during May and June

  6. All-Ireland championships to run from early July to finals in Croke Park in mid-September.

What are the lgfa doing in regards to fixtures?

The draft fixtures from LGFA I seen were similar to Camogie and not split like the men.

I think an earlier start to the league than Camogie so club window was bigger but essentially the same

So we have GAA with split season and camogie and lgfa with normal season.

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Not sure if LGFA has been finalised but that was the proposal, they may do a U-Turn seeing the GAA’s as it was out before then.

Was the week on week off at Club level ratified by the DLGFA?

Yeah it was, can’t remember which age group it applied for, under 13 and 14 I think maybe

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Yeah that’s right, u13 and u14 age groups are first then u15 and u16 championships in the second half of the year

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Can’t see camogie inter county club championship going ahead now.also only inter county senior teams can train in January. Seems sport now is just for senior elite.

I don’t think anyone can train in January

Inter county senior can from Jan 15tb

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Not under the new restrictions.

Thought elite were exempt

15th but will be under review

Do we think all our senior squads will train from Jan 15th if free to do so…

Bit much to assume the footballers would go back when they’ve only won the all ireland a month previous.

It’ll all get pushed back further until cases are down. Leagues will start later. Players won’t be asked to train and commit with the situation as it is.

More details of the LGFA calendar - can’t believe that they have fallen back to the old model and have disregarded the split season - Club footballers shafted again

The LGFA, as per their 2021 master fixture plan ratified by Central Council in mid-December, had intended to commence the National League on the weekend of February 20/21, but this has now been put back by one week.

Similar to the GAA, the LGFA has introduced a truncated league format for 2021. Each county will play a minimum of three games before the semi-finals and finals are run off in late March and early April.

The LGFA has not, however, opted for a split season model in 2021. The All-Ireland ladies football finals will continue to be played in September, almost a month and a half after the GAA’s inter-county season has wrapped up.

The group stages of the All-Ireland ladies football championship will throw-in on Saturday, July 17, the same weekend the men’s All-Ireland SFC concludes. The All-Ireland senior quarter-finals are fixed for August 7, the semi-finals are scheduled for August 21/22, with the junior, intermediate, and senior deciders taking place on September 4/5.

May has been designated as a club-only month and while June has also been listed as a club window in the LGFA master fixture plan, county teams are permitted to resume training from the beginning of June.

So camogie and lgfa as normal and gaa split season

Dublin were against this model .

Good to hear that our board saw some sense and objected - however I expect clubs will be without county players for most of the year again with the championship shoe horned in somehow - pity as 2020 for all its problems did allow club teams time to prepare together and run a strong good quality championship.