Camogie 2021

Some white smoke on the managerial front.

Looks like white smoke

What are the chances of a long term development plan, that brings players through, retains existing players and promotes camogie as a sport and drives us on as a county? Even give me suggestions and I will try to drive my own club, as our numbers are falling at a horrific, and I do mean horrific rate.

What is O’Sullivan’s background?

Don’t like the sounds of this set up tbh. Another mercenary at the head. Has been involved in more teams clubs and counties than you could shake a stick at . The CB must have plenty of money cause this guy ain’t cheap.
Wish him the best of luck cause he’s gonna need it . An absolutely poisoned chalice and he’ll need to get the buy in of all the players in the county which will be a hard sell . The lad from Judes is a good appointment and surprised he’s not leading it ? Only a matter of days before all the usual suspects are named in supporting roles I’m sure lol .

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Dublin Camogie are delighted to announce the appointment of Adrian O’Sullivan as Senior Camogie team manager and Donie Fox as head coach. Adrian comes to Dublin with an abundance of experience. He was in the Limerick Minor A All-Ireland winning management panel in 2014 and Intermediate All-Ireland management panels of Limerick and Kilkenny in 2014 and 2016. Along with Joe Quaid he helped Westmeath hurlers gain promotion to Division 1 of the NHL. Adrian is the manager of UL who won the Ashbourne cup in 2019 and 2020. Donie Fox has a deep background in the GAA having represented both Dublin and Galway in hurling. He is the current manager of St Jude’s Senior Camogie team who won their second ever Senior Camogie title in 2020 under his guidance. Donie has always had a passion for teaching and coaching. He publishes articles regularly for HMMR media and co-hosts a podcast with Tracy Fober - Physio & the Art of Human Performance. He has a strong drive to bring a world-class approach to rehabilitation and performance to RTP. Having been mentored by some of the world’s best rehab professionals and coaches through the GAIN network, Donie is constantly upskilling to achieve this goal.

We wish Adrian and Donie the best of luck in their roles.

Judes be looking for a manager now.

Lord…give it a chance.

On paper it looks like a very good appointment. Improvement will depend on 2 things, player buy in/commitment and how much interference the county board have.
Hopefully we won’t see a picture of the new management team next week with the usual hangers on with their free AIG gear and that the manager has picked a proper crew around him.
It could turn out to be a smart decision.

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Like everything time will to give it a chance and hope it goes well as dublin should be doing better.


Judes loss definitely dublins game. Donie got our girls to three finals in a row winning two of them. Prior to that our camogie team hadn’t been anywhere near the top table.
A really top coach.
The danger here is people are going to expect results in year one. Closing the gap on the big 4 would be a good achievement in the first year. Winning all Ireland’s is a long term objective not a short term one.

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County winning manager with a colleges winning manager expectations will be raised no doubt.

What happened to John Treacey?

He made a few political mistakes and got the old heave-ho

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I really hope this works for the sake of Dublin Camogie, and I hope the lads are given a fair crack at it. Both O’Sullivan and Fox have done some great stuff to date. If they’re left to get on with it, I think things are looking good for us.
Best of luck to all involved.

Where’s poor Dave Dunning going to fit in ???

That will be interesting to find out.

He won’t be far away

To be fair it looks like a good management team, I hope they are let do their job.
It’s a big improvement on the previous appointments. The best of luck to them both.

To be fair Jim I don’t think the previous management wernt let do their jobs,they just didn’t produce.this mgmt team I agree looks good on paper but whether the current squad are good enough is another question.also o Sullivan bar college has been a backroom man /coach will he be a good number as manager and o sullivan as coach would look better IMO.wish them both well going forward.

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