Camogie 2022

New year, some old faces gone from the panel, some good young players there to be developed. Its the managements 2nd year in charge where they should know more about their panel. What are the realistic expectations for the year?

Win more than one game

:rofl: Im trying to start the year off on a positive note so Im hoping they can string a few decent performances together to get the confidence up. Hoping I’m not left disappointed! We need something to get excited about in Dublin Camogie

They might get a few good performances. Will Struggle to win much .

Encouraging start to the year with 2 Dublin colleges in the Ashbourne (Div.1) final yesterday, DCU winning for the first time ever and UCD in their first final since 2008.
Also TUD won the Purcell cup (Div.2) aswell


How many were dublin camogie players. ? Think its about 6. Not sure , 3 from plunketts and 2 from judes and maybe 1 more.

5 Dublin seniors from Jude’s involved as far as I know

4 Dubs started for UCD, with another 4 in panel
2 Dubs started for DCU, with another 4 in panel
The majority of TUD team were Dubs, I’d say 10-12 starters probably

They’re not all involved with county squads of course so you’re not far off with 6 ish

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Good for some younger Dubs to get a taste of winning at a high level, there were some good performances in the games at the weekend Gannon and J Couch in particular. Hopefully it helps them get a good start at the league, pity the 1st game is up is against a tough Galway team.
Bad result for the Minors away to Cork, no competition for Cork the result was never in doubt.

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Disappointing performance by the minors
I heard they were completely outclassed.
But if they win against Galway they are into a semifinal, so they are still in with a chance.

@Jen50 do you know many Teams are there in the Minor Championship?

Galway 1-15
Dublin 0-06

Defeat in first league of year… Looks like scoring rate continues to be an issue for Camogs


Be interesting to see two things. Will dublin score more than 12 points this year and will they win more than 1 game.

Looking at the team at the minute, there is no stand out star that can spark something into life, overly reliant on players that are at most a Junior intercounty standard. Its going to be another long year I think.

Does such a player exist in Dublin and isn’t in the panel ???

Really need to be regraded ASAP

I think they will beat offaly and down based on there results.

Good win for the Camogs today.

Dublin 1-12
Offaly 0-02

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Good win today for both teams, however its very worrying how far cork kilkenny galway and tipp are compared to everyone else.offaly and down are really struggling.

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Good win for the camogie. 1 -12 is decent enough score. Still on the low side but weather conditions were tough i assume? Offaly without st rynaghs players would be weak enough but by all accounts are really struggling even if and when those players return.