Camogie 2022

Not Dublin, a Munster county.

“I love them girls in there!”.


Heard someone else from Tipp, but not Paul Kelly, who is now the new man in charge. Gerry McQuaid - from Wexford’s 3-in-1-row camogie set-up and Micky McCullagh -from Ballyboden under Fortune via Antrim - on board too.

Interesting managerial choice yet again by Co Board.

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Interesting in a good or bad way.

Its very interesting…

In a brave, even courageous, way. Hopefully, a successful one anyway.

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Vincent’s 1.07 Sarsfield 0.8, lively end to first half. Vincent’s starting to come good.

Unlucky in the end, experience stood to sarsfields.

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Thought peno decision was very soft. Girls did themselves proud.

They did , but need more of a scoring threatoutside of ash maher.

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Some big news coming out of Dublin camogie tonight. Appears to be a change in senior manager

Can’t find anything on line in relation to this…

Bit of a disaster if true as this manager is only in place a few months and start of league just around the corner.

Not remotely surprised if its true

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Had been a bit of discontent about management missing a lot of sessions

Wexford beat them by 15 or 20 points in the second half of a challenge match yesterday and that seems to have been the breaking point

Who is the current manager?

O’Sullivan stepped away at end of last year but didn’t hear who took over.

Paul kelly from tipp

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We don’t seem to have much luck with camogie managers, to put it mildly.

Any update on manager situation??. I see captain and vice captain named today?

Very strange that no statement from board a full week after manager left.

Have heard Gerry McQuaid is the new manager with Mickey Wing as the coach.

A tough league ahead