Camogie 2023

League starting this week

Any Dublin panel?

Not sure re a formal panel but they seem to be working with a group of nearly 40 from what I hear, this includes 6 or 7 who are injured. Aim is to pick match day 26 from those fit and the balance will play with Intermediates that weekend.

A young enough mix from what I hear with the Gannon twins still involved; Leah Butler reportedly back as well but no sign of any of the other Jude’s ones - including the 2 or 3 you’d really want/need.

Juniors dont start until the following week, so I suppose everyone is available for this week.suppose we will know more Saturday.

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Team named for today with gerry mcquaid named as manager.

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Dublin Senior Team Named For Opening Camogie League Fixture (

Interesting team, still down some injured and some others away I gather.

Best of luck to them. Be interesting to see how they set up; Muireann Kelleher to sweep/man-mark I presume. Kate Kilcommons was with Cork Intermediates until recently enough; interesting debut against her native county.

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Beaten 3-17 to 0-05

2-11 to 0-01 at HT.

Looks like it will be a long year for the poor Camogie girls…


Camogie People, can’t be calling them girls in this day and age

Lets just call them players.

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Travelled to MTU today. Jaysis it was a million miles away from what we watched in championship last year. Didn’t look to be any obvious game plan or structure to the play. Ais Maher was the one ray of light but she had little if any help.

When you think we drew with Tipp last year and they hammered Galway today, our paths seem to have diverged somewhat…

Long year ahead is right Tallabob

Fair play for travelling, havent had a chance to watch it yet but result was expected. Manager gone and no official word, players gone and others not coming on board .staying up is the only thing now in the league.juniors need to win the league to have any chance of being competitive in inter championship. All round an open discussion needs to take place as to how things can improve .

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Ah I had a relation playing so I’m no martyr!

Survival best can hope for. Maybe target Galway they look to be in transition… Hard to see a win coming from anywhere else?

I find it bizarre that the first mention of the manager gone was when they said Gerry McQuaid had named his team to face Cork! Not a mention of Paul Kelly resigning!


Utterly bizarre,couldnt see it happening in any other county .board announced paul kelly on the 25th october and never announced he has gone.

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Is anyone surprised? The lack of accountability is the norm and is only a small reason why the ladies sections arexwhere they are. From what i can gather, the integration of all the codes to under the GAA umbrella is been stalled at every opportunity by the ladies sections.

Does the senior manager (and/or management team) get any money (expenses or otherwise) to produce this type of performance?

Does the Junior manager (and/or management team) get any money (expenses or otherwise) to produce the very very poor output such as was delivered last year?

They do, it was very little, bare minimum. Dont know what it is now.

21pts for a league game is surely awake call for all involved.the board appointed a manager who has now gone and as a collective need to do everything to make dublin competitive at all levels.As for the management yesterday they surely knew Amy o connor is corks star forward, yet she destoyed our, starting corner back and then the sub corner back.getting beaten is part of sport but yesterday was played like a practice game for cork and that is not acceptable especially at senior level.