Camogie 2023

Worry about them when we can pass out Waterford tipp etc and don’t be so conceited as to think they are beneath us…

Waterford annual progress at senior is the benchmark surely and the common denominator I see with Waterford is usage of Intercounty standard hurling mgmt

I would suggest the opposite, ignore Waterford and build a plan to break through the KK, Tipp, Cork, Galway barrier. Belief is a different thing to conceit. If you’re reading into any contribution from me or anyone else that anyone thinks any of those counties are beneath us, then you should re-read. Today they are way ahead of us, the ambition should be to build and develop to a position where we are the best. You can’t do that by taking it one team at a time. Waterford are perennial also-rans. So are we at the moment.

Thanks for telling me what other contributors are actually saying about conceit… Group think is it.

But until we work out how to annually pass out both Tipp and Waterford for starters what Cork KK and Galway are at is way way beyond us

Also had good minor team last year and those girls have now been added to the players you have mentioned

Last few years roisin hartley has been involved with their 16s and minors, also gailtir who won all ireland intermediate club.

Fair enough, that’s your approach. Beat Waterford and Tipp. Then there can be no meeting of minds here.

Im of tbe mind that there is no team you cant beat, especially starting off at 14 everyone is at the same point or should be. If you beat the best at 14 it gives confidence and belief to.the girls, but.last year this development committee put them in B at 14 and 15, what does that say to girls??

No I don’t think so as you seem to be ignoring the steps to get from where we are, to where you think we are entitled to be

I think where we are entitled to be is where we are today. In terms of my ambition for where I’d like us to be, it’s different to where your ambition would like us to be.

It’s not different but I’m a lot clearer on walking before running and don’t disparage teams and counties currently miles ahead of us

Minor result , Tipp 2-17 to Dublin 0-5

Interesting. My ambition for Dublin to reach and surpass the level of Cork, Kilkenny, Tipp and Galway is not disparaging to anyone. I would have thought all the counties would share that ambition. You don’t share that ambition which is fine but it’s just a different ambition.

Don’t know what you are actually trying to say this time… "My ambition isn’t as good as your ambition " ???

All I know is your awareness of camogie in 2023 as judging by posts here is pretty blinkered

No I’m saying yours is different. Just different.

Waterford minors bt the cork minors by 7pts today, the same cork minors tbat bt dublin by 22pts last week.shows you what can be done and the size of waterford to Dublin.

And then take into account all the funding

What funding?
Don’t cod yourself the funding goes to coaches to get them into schools . After that the funding goes to the Gaa . The ladies associations see feck all of that .

Was a joke…

Its as relevant as county size anyway

You have no ambition if you use Tipp and Waterford as reference points I’m told

I can repeat it for you again if you like. Not no ambition, different ambition.