Camogie 2023

Just seeing the minor results this morning, super result for Waterford, obviously something good happening in Waterford, hopefully they can build from there. It looks like a very tough minor campaign for us to say the least.

Did we not beat Waterford in championship last year

We did but trajectory went opposite directions then. Waterford led Cork by 5 points in the semi final and were only headed in last few minutes… While we were unlucky to get Kilkenny in the quarters rather than Limerick…

Not that far off it with a bit of work. Best players from last year either not now playing or won’t be come championship doesn’t lead me to believe we can flip flop and get further than The Deise this year…

On point of having strong hurling experience on board our last semi appearance was with Herity and we have management instability since then

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No, that was 2 years ago, we lost to cork and galway heavily at minor last year

Think you have things mixed up, we bt waterford 2years ago and lostt to cork in the semis.never played kilkenny. 1 from last years minors now starting on seniors with 1 other on the line last Saturday. Amother 1 who went football also on the line. Well beaten at minor by cork and galway last year.this years are effectively out .

Were we not beaten in 1/4s by Kilkenny last year in Semple by about 15 points while Waterford played Cork in semis losing 0-15 to 0-10

Sorry my apologies we were, I tnought we were talking aboout minor.


As for strong hurling experience we got paul kelly but looks like he disappeared into thin air.

Indeed. Is he still around, didnt see any official notice to say he isnt.

Long gone

Well it became clear at last nights lgfa board meeting which club has decided to disregard the agreements !!!

??? Hardly TD

Logical step to take after the meeting .

I have heard nothing about the meeting at all so don’t have any logic to apply… Based my guess in who you responded to

Well according to reports the assumption is correct .

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Disregard what arrangements

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Really tough draws for senior and inters in all ireland series.seniors have tipp, kilkenny and Wexford with 2 going through. Inters have kilkenny, cork, galway and kildare.

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Would be interesting to get Liam’s view on the challenge ahead of the inters

Im afraid it will be curtains for both teams