Camogie 2023

Dublin have been hammered down the years by far more. Its been going on a long , long time.

Yes we’re back to the worst old days, and no light at the end of the tunnel. And we give money to people to drive to Dublin to run our teams. Our administrators give tremendously generously of their time, but unfortunately are not capable of forging a path to the top for Dublin camogie.

They may give of their time, but their decision making has been poor.Interesting to see how things go over the next few weeks.

Offaly got slaughtered by Waterford. Dublin should beat them to stay senior. Offaly would rather be in intermediate.

Dublin should go down to intermediate and rebuild a team. I dont think anyone was surprised witu the result yesterday, Dublin camogie haven’t been competitive at adult or underage for many years. They best players in Dublin are not even on the panel.

Agree,play off win v offaly or maybe down is probably rhe best they can hope for.still a senior team from the capital should be at the very least competitive. On another note,how can cork have players who played against dublin at football 2 weeks play camogie against dublin yesterday but dublin cant??


5 changes to senior team for tomorrow.Hopefully can be competitive against a tipp team with their tails up. Junior’s should be way to strong for a young offaly team.

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Strange enough selection? We have 2 keepers in the subs and Mairi in goal? I’ve seen Lucan plenty of times and she has never been in goal…

Niamh Gannon and Kerrie Finnegan back for the league but heading away before championship.

Tipp team looks very strong. If we keep it to single figures we will be going well.

Did Robyn Buckley step away from the seniors? Shes gone straight in at centre back for the intermediates… Solid young player, surprised shes gone from seniors… Defo a development player

A few who have been with the seniors lately., looked to have stepped back.

Crazy stuff.
Bringing players in who havent trained with the squad all year and are heading off travelling in April…Horrible message to send to players training hard since November, not great for morale to say the least.
Strange one about the goalie too.

Maybe the latest manager is trying to convince them to stay around for the summer.

If you have to ‘convince’ players to play for their county theyre not worth having IMO.
Wont work either I wouldnt think, Would assume travel plans etc made at this stage.
Reeks of panic and short termism

Camogie on the ball again. Organised an all star trip to Canada a week out from championship in May. Never told the player’s until it was decided and Organised. Cork players have pulled out already with talk kk to follow suit. Some mess.


Signs of encouragement this weekend. Lack of fire power a worry…

Galway winning this weekend blows my comment about targeting them out of the water!!

Clare might be best bet now, last game, work towards that?

Absolutely bananas move, are you surprised?

Offaly in some state, they will be relegated.

Offalys year ended the minute they found out they wouldn’t be relegated for this year.

I would agree, some encouraging signs alright.
Lack of scoring forwards and only playing 5 up is not helping.
Two players in FF line are being overworked, ball comes out way too easy as they’re outnumbered. Both look jaded tbh, never seen Aisling Maher miss so many frees…very unlike her.
Definitely target the Clare game…unfortunately can’t see us getting much from next 2 games (Galway and Kilkenny)

Well they will be this year on the evidence so far.