Camogie development

Just been involved in Camogie this past year as my daughter plays.

It is a pity more former players, male or female are not involved in helping develop our teams at club and county level.

I have no doubt having spoke to a number of mentors who I played football with that more involvment from former players who could be good coachs would greatly enhance our club scene and in turn bring other players up to county level.

Any views??

Hard enough to get people to help with hurling teams so camogie always suffer badly, tends to be dad’s like yourself who take teams. Unfortunately when women retire the majority start families and then don’t have the time. The majority of females involved are either young and still playing or have reached their golden years. Dublin club scene is fine however akin to our male counterparts football will be more of an appeal to the dual player and many good players are lost due to the difficulties of playing both. As for county, unfortunately they suffer for all the same reasons…

Yeah its a pity ok. From what Iv seen it is the real difference with country side is they have experienced players helping with coaching and it shows.

Great talent at underage in Dublin . hoping to get involved at under 12 myself this year with dublin.has surprised that it is hard to get people involved in coaching squads.takent is there and numbers.kilkenny only have 2 year age groups while dublin have every year.material is there to work with.

Agree talent is there. Such huge numbers playing and lots of clubs who wouldn’t traditionally be good underage are now producing lots of good players. For all the development going on and money going into camogie Questions though really should be asked as to why we are not more competitive underage. Personally, I think the structure and how many teams we enter needs to change, the county board also need to buck up in relation to management teams. Too many journey men or so called ‘coaches’ (and I use that term loosely) involved. No overall plan hence trials every year to see can they unearth players yet, if these ‘coaches’ were doing their job they wouldn’t need trials as they’d be well aware of what talent is out there. Anyways, Good luck to you if you get involved. Hopefully the tide turns sooner rather than later.

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Agree with all you have said.Numbers should be liower(to many squads)pick and know the best out there and train them with goals in mind.trials at the moment are a joke.takes to long to get through girls that shouldnt be own club last year zent a girl who spent nearly the entire season on the bench.go to games get to know the mangers and starting at 12 teach them right and make them proud and interested in wearing the jersey

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Teach the 5 skills hooking blocking lifting striking and catching.they introduce intensity into the drills doing the skills.combine that with physical fitness and a will to win and you should have very competitive dublin teams.also the girls must practice away from squad sessions (the skills)they can buddy up with girls from their club or school during the they say in kilkenny(touch equals time)

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Can assure you players will be looked at playing for their player will be over looked.

Bit disillusioned by what I have seen. I have seen players not selected who are way better than players who were selected.
As one parent said to me they are not appearing to pick the best OR most skillful players but the most athletic players and big players… Maybe they have a plan. But he argued at their age that is the wrong way around. They players can be physically developed later but for now the emphasis should remain on skill with the physical work done over 24 months. To boost his argument he seen the team been blitzed by KK, Wexford and Waterford who were far more skillful.
On a positive note the playing numbers appear to be growing so hopefully more will get involved and help with coaching.