Camogie finals

Bit of pushing in that handshake before the parade, this could be good.


…I’ll get me coat. :grinning:

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Are you allowed drop the Hurley in Camogie? Seems to be happening s lot.


Thought you must be. Can never remember the differences. Good win for Kilkenny.

Actually a good game. Fierce intensity in it, some rough edges displayed by the langers too when they realised it wasn’t their day… The KK goal was a beautiful creation, the build up, fine passing and a cracking finish.

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Only a matter of time before a melee starts at the handshaking bit before games.

Watched bits of it and agree the standard was mostly decent. Really think though that allowing goals to be handpassed to the net detracts from the game as a spectacle. I know (and indeed am old enough to remember) when it was allowed in hurling and football but it was removed to increase the skill level in the game and ought to be done in camogie too.


Agree.hand passing goals should be removed