Can we match this record in Dublin?

This is an incredible record for Leighton Glynn but what about Jonathan O’Neill and his son Jonathan junior scoring 1…11 between them.

Did O’Neill play a bit for Cuala during the 80s? I remember 2 O’Neills playing for Dublin club sides back in 80s or early 90s.

Im sure clubs have good stories about father and sons playing on same team. Would be good to read a few of them

Yeah, Bosco was with us for a couple of years, unreal talent.

We have in St. Maurs the late Mick Coffey and his son Derek who played a junior game or us the fingal league. Mick was well into his 50s and Derek about 15. Will have to talk to a few other around and see who else but out here I am sure there are a few more…

Did Harps have Willie Davy and his son or Paddy Ellis and a very young Peter?

Scott Fulham from Annes played with his dad in div 2 a few years back I’m fairly sure.

Dont think either Willy or Paddy did play with their sons. I could be wrong, but fairly sure of that. I think Jim Rogan played with his son Stephen. I played on the same team as my nephew in 2016, but thats probably more common than father/son

DJ Carey has played in recent years at club level with his son Sean.

Paul Curran played IFC for Thomas Davis alongside his Da. PC had just come out of Minor.