Car Rental America

Hi Lads,

Looking for some advice in relation to renting a car in America? Has anyone experience of this and recommendations on what company to use or not to use?
I’m seeing a considerably price difference in quotes online but I know from travelling in Europe they try and hide costs until you are at the desk and have no other choice but to pay.

Hopefully someone might be able to steer (pun intended) me in the right direction.

Have done this loads of times, deffo best to book before you travel.The guy at the desk at the far end will always put the hard sell on for extras like puncture insurance and the like. A polite but firm no thanks will see them off, don’t get into arguing the merits of the extra insurance or you’ll be there all day.

Look for a deal that gives you an all in price, with insurance, full to empty fuel & extra driver (if required, costs a fortune to add at the desk) like the “Gold” from Tour America (includes Unlimited Mileage, CDW, EP, Sales Tax, State Tax and Airport Fees, Additional Driver Charge, One Tank of Fuel)

I booked with Argus on line last year and collected at the Dollar Car Rentals desk when we got there, no problems other than having to return the car full of petrol which was a bit of pain, but better than paying airport prices for a refill.

Thanks for that Vin.
Just had a quick look there and the price on the tour America website seems to be very low compared to what is coming through on the Argus website. That’s even with the Gold option from tour America.
I am only looking to rent for 2 days and I will be dropping the car off at a different location so that puts the cost up again but just from my quick search there the difference in price is about 140 euros and as I said, the more expensive option doesn’t include the tank of petrol and additional driver.

I’ll do a bit more looking around online and book it this week. Thanks again for the heads up as I have never had to do it in America and was worried I might end up spending a lot more than I would need to.

Looking into it a bit more and I see the tour America price doesn’t include the drop off at a different location charge. So that will bring the two of them in line now. I always get a bit sceptical when I see a big difference in price.

I used Avis, North Carolina to South to Georgia, no problems, and very reasonable. 3 years ago.

same craic - would generally book through trailfinders in the past who would be using alamo.
Going to Canada myself and have booked through enterprise - will decline the additional insurance.

One thing i did note is the price difference between renting at the airport and renting downtown if possible.

Yeh renting downtown is generally much better. Anytime I rented at an airport I always went with the smallest/most local or national company I could find.

Try this site:

I would recommend using Priceline. Also set up an account via ebates or Quidco and you can get further cash back.

Be very careful renting cars in USA especially because different states have different Insurance limits and Policy Excesses, is a Group I use every year and most rentals they have include all the Insurance packages required to protect you with NIL EXCESSES…

Check them out, they have a price guarantee and if you find a cheaper rate, you can challenge them and you will be pleased with their response.


Ring the local hertz avis or alamodirect from here, great savings, or go to not change currency to dollars top right of page, do it every year for states, search for discount code on line as well, I’m paying 800 dollars for a month, for an Aventis at the local hertz in Atlanta,

Just a quick update on how this went for me. Overall very happy with how it turned out apart from the drop off charge at a different location which made the price a bit expensive.
I ended up going through Tour America for the car rental and also went for the “Gold” cover which is well worth it. Had a second driver added with no issues and it makes a massive difference when you can drop the car back empty and not have to fill up on petrol before dropping it back. I really made the most of this and dropped the car back with 5 miles left on the trip computer. :slight_smile:
Tour America go through Alamo and I was surprised that there was no attempt at upselling when I got to the desk, no sneaky charges hidden in the contract and my card got charged with exactly what Tour America said was outstanding when I booked it in advance.
Most of the driving was through Tennessee, Kentucky and Ohio. A few observations from my first time driving in America, in Tennessee and Kentucky there were so many abandoned cars on the Interstate. Also so many blown out tires on the side of the road and very strange to see the red dirt out in the countryside.
Thankfully all went well for us and thanks again for the advice!!!

Good stuff, I hate even leaving 5 miles worth of juice in the tank, always looking for more!