Carol Singers

Yeah I know setting meself up for a kicking here but the old ‘Get it off your Chest’ thread is gone and I need to get this off my chest. Carol singers. Am I really the only one who finds them a shameless shower of wankers? To say anything remotely critical of them instantly gets you branded a scrooge, curmudgeon, killjoy etc. But the only difference I can see between them and people begging is that there’s a fair likelihood the average beggar actually needs the money. Not so these self-absorbed pricks, at least not round my way - and it’s not like I live in any fancy dan area but neither are people around here truly on the breadline. Christmas is supposed to be a time of sharing and helping those worst off in society. Christ knows, between a myriad of usually underfunded charities doing fabulous work to help the homeless, the world’s starving, children and adults with all sorts of disabilities and ailments both physical and mental and others that help abused or abandoned animals, there’s no shortage of good causes on whose behalf they could be knocking on doors looking for money. That I’d have no problem with and would be happy to contribute. But no. They ‘need’ the money because they or their kids can’t afford the new iPhone 14 or some such shit. Selfish doesn’t even begin to do them justice. You wish me a Merry Christmas? I wish you to find your house occupied by homeless squatters when you get back to it - it’s the one way you might actually help the disadvantaged this Christmas.

And Happy Christmas by the way.


It’s the Belvo Christmas Sleep Out, for the loike homeless or something, that I cannot deal with. A school run by religious, in Dublin 1, full of fee-paying children from everywhere else except Dublin 1… with the odd bursary or scholarship thrown to a local kid, to take the bad look off it.


The Get if Off your Chest thread isnt gone. The last post there was just an hour ago.

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Really? Well the one I found was locked. Anyway, these shitehawks deserve their own thread.


A new one was started when the old one reached the maximum posts limit.

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I’ve closed the door in their faces. ■■■■ off.

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I hear you, it’s basically the kids of the most affluent 5% asking the rest of us to dig into our pockets to help the bottom 5%, representing an institution with any amount of spare accommodation around the city. Bad as that is though, for all its crass shamelessness at least it helps the less fortunate in some way, carol singers don’t even have that saving grace.


In the States one is subjected to the Sally Army with their little red buckets and their incessant bell ringing. You can’t go near a shop, any shop but they are there ringing their little bells.
The whole Christmas thing gets on my wick anyway.

Am I the only one who thinks this post is heroic :rofl:.

Love it . Knew deep down we were all miserable fuckers here like me :rofl:


I don’t like carol singers, regardless of their purpose.
However, I’m a bit confused by URoy’s post, are you saying that yer local festive warblers are not actually collecting for what the general plebiscite would term ‘a good cause’??

I’m reminded of the day long ago that I did the EP Wimmin’s Mini Marathon. There was a gaggle of runners/walkers who wore t-sirts bearing the legend, “A Bike For Daniel”. :neutral_face:

Two thoughts ,Firstly the chancers that come to my door , most who’ve come my way are Travelers and Romanian gypsies, without a note in their head , I don’t slam the door ala Alanoc, I do however politely and very firmly decline.

Secondly when out shopping there are and have been, some fabulous choirs, who can sing, and are raising for some brilliant causes , equally the buckets are not in your face so contributing is definitely optional. I also think they bring a nice bit of atmosphere

Dont answer the door to the f**kers. Problem solved.

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Agree with this. The groups singing in town can be lovely. Two sets of chancers arrived at our door last year & began warbling immediately. I let them finish, smiled politely, asked them what charity they were collecting for & to see their official charity ID badge. They didn’t have a word of English & soon scarpered, but only to the house next door. Really pissed me off, as there are a good few elderly folk on my road. I bet a lot of them felt intimidated into coughing up some money.


Maybe we should get a Ressers choir together, and sing a few festive numbers in front of the 5 Lamps or somewhere like that? :rofl:


Raise another billion for the Dublin Co Board.

Carol Singers in Connolly on Thursday evening. Collecting for Focus Ireland while freezing their giblets off. Excellently festive.

Blanchardstown Brass Band (full of hot air out that way, who knew?) belting out the festive choons in the Blanch Center yesterday. Collecting to build their own club house. Excellently loud.

Ta an Kinsealy branch do Comhaltas Ceóltiorí Eireann in Swords Pavilions anois. Even the Brazilian barristas in Butlers Choc’s are buck leppin’ about the place.

Buladh bos all around. :clap:

Merry Christmas all !