Catchment Areas for Dublin Clubs

The annual debate has started about who has the biggest catchment areas in Dublin Gaa, so why not have a thread about it instead of hijacking other threads. Maybe keep it in the County of Dublin instead of using Armagh, Mayo etc as a way of debating.

Most of the debate seems (as usual) to surround, Boden, Crokes and Cuala. I imagine there are some other clubs that could be on that list based on population and with the Parish rules long gone.


To me Boden and Lucan have the most densely populated areas without competition. I’m waiting on bart to come back with details of how many feeder schools Boden have

Ballyroan Boys, St Mary’s Rathfarnham and St Colmcilles primarily, schools that several clubs would feed off would be Scoil Treasa and Scoil Carmel. That’s just the boys schools of course.

Here is the lists of schools in Dublin 14, 16 and 24 from
Can anyone fill in the clubs that have a presence in any of these?

Name Boys Girls Area Club

Edmonstown National School 47 54 Dublin 16

Scoil Naithi 109 121 Dublin 16

St Olafs National School 266 222 Dublin 16

Our Lady’s Girls National School 0 299 Dublin 16

Scoil Mhuire 109 126 Dublin 16

St Patrick Girls National School 144 424 Dublin 16

Ballyroan Boys National School 375 0 Dublin 16

Scoil Na Maighdine Mhuire Boy 278 0 Dublin 16

Ballinteer Educate Together National School 157 117 Dublin 16

Divine Word National School 259 238 Dublin 16

Gaelscoil Chnoc Liamhna 113 132 Dublin 16

St Colmcille Senior National School 385 371 Dublin 16

Scoil Colmcille Naofa 414 403 Dublin 16

St Attractas Senior National School 173 186 Dublin 16

St Attractas Junior National School 203 142 Dublin 16

Bishop Galvin National School 255 231 Dublin 16

Saplings Special School Rathfarnham 17 4 Dublin 16

Queen Of Angels Primary School 145 126 Dublin 16

Whitechurch National School 100 112 Dublin 16

Garran Mhuire 223 232 Dublin 14

Scoil Mhuire Boys 468 0 Dublin 14

Loreto Primary School 510 510 Dublin 14

Rathfarnham Educate Together 104 117 Dublin 14

Our Ladys National School 149 103 Dublin 14

Taney Parish Primary School 240 207 Dublin 14

Holy Cross National School 134 132 Dublin 14

Rathfarnham Parish National School 122 108 Dublin 14

Good Shepherd National School 125 79 Dublin 14

Scoil Naisiunta Aonghusa Senior 100 110 Dublin 24

St. Martin De Porres 214 211 Dublin 24

Scoil Aenghusa Jun National School 111 119 Dublin 24

Scoil Santain 149 194 Dublin 24

St Brigids National School 126 109 Dublin 24

St Aidans National School 160 169 Dublin 24

St Killians Junior School 132 134 Dublin 24

Gaelscoil Na Giuise 48 54 Dublin 24

Scoil Aoife Community National School 60 50 Dublin 24

Scoil Chaitlin Maude 162 170 Dublin 24

Solas Chriost 210 192 Dublin 24

St Annes Primary School 182 199 Dublin 24

Citywest Educate Together National School 189 160 Dublin 24

Citywest & Saggart Community National School 159 156 Dublin 24

Glen Na Smol National School 49 46 Dublin 24

St Marys School 173 191 Dublin 24

Sn Naomh Colmcille 14 23 Dublin 24

St Thomas Senior National School 213 215 Dublin 24

St Thomas Junior National School 204 173 Dublin 24

St Maelruains National School 49 36 Dublin 24

Scoil An Chroi Ró Naofa Soisir 138 129 Dublin 24

Sacred Heart Senior National School 151 142 Dublin 24

St Kevins National School Boys 338 0 Dublin 24

St Kevins National School Girls 0 291 Dublin 24

St Kilians Senior National School 124 110 Dublin 24

Scoil Cnoc Mhuire Sin 95 81 Dublin 24

Scoil Cnoc Mhuire Junior 102 80 Dublin 24

St Dominics National School 118 117 Dublin 24

St Dominic’S National School 171 161 Dublin 24

Naomh Maolruain Senior 229 214 Dublin 24

Naomh Maelruain 242 192 Dublin 24

Holy Rosary Primary School 299 292 Dublin 24

Scoil Íosa 52 61 Dublin 24

Scoil Treasa Firhouse 208 204 Dublin 24

St Marks Sen National School 278 259 Dublin 24

St Marks Junior National School 268 276 Dublin 24

Scoil Carmel Junior National School 217 208 Dublin 24

Firhouse Educate Together National School 85 86 Dublin 24

On a separate topic, does anyone know how to copy in a table??

where does your GPO and other club coach attend ? just those 3 boys is it

I’m with Wanderers and we have a GPO in 3 of the above schools.

Edmonstown National School 47 54 Dublin 16
Scoil Mhuire 109 126 Dublin 16
Whitechurch National School 100 112 Dublin 16

Whitechurch NS is a COI school, which traditionally wouldn’t be big into GAA - but I think we do have a couple from there playing on our juvenile teams (could be wrong).
But them 3 schools barely make up 1/3 of Colmcilles in Knocklyon!

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They go where they are invited, Loreto girls, Scoil Naomh Padraig, I believe they have helped out in the two other schools I’ve mentioned, that’s why they got mentioned. Not sure of what others they go to, but I’m sure you will enlighten us.

From 1/6 to true, I do like your editing skills.

absolutely. I thought Colmcilles was up around 1750 but recalculated totals from the 3 provided by Junior D… have you an issue with editing ???

i have no way of enlightening anyone how many schools that Boden attend. If I knew I wouldnt have asked you.

But you keep thinking that ye don’t have a massive catchment area, and that one club best serves the greater good of Dublin GAA… Firhouse, Knocklyon and ballycullen could all support viable clubs but that is not BBSE fault. its the county boards issue in a city growing by up to 6% annually the number of GAA clubs has actually fallen

My point on editing was that you threw out s figure without thinking then obviously thought about it. As with a lot of developing areas new clubs will be required, but that will require volunteers from each area, I know from my work within the club parents are only to happen to drop and go, I’m sure you have the same issues.

think every club have the same issue but a lot of work done in recent years with a good juvenile structure have improved things greatly and much more parental hands on involvement than was the case

as i say not Bodens fault of problem but a lot of kids are being missed in areas with only one club serving 20,000 and more homes

Isles have the biggest catchment area, sure they just signed Gianluca Vialli ffs…


We’re doing it wrong if there’s 20K houses in our catcment area, membership including non playing etc is 3.5k at max. Seriously underperforming in the recruitment stakes!!! Anyway we’re in agreement it’s about developing kids from a social and sporting perspective.

i dont think 20k homes is stretching it at all, and on top of that there are about 600 new ones currently on the market much less what is still being built…

3500 is some membership, Judes would be at about 1500 this year i’d say and this has really taken off over the past 5 years. juvenile figures up maybe 50% in 5 years and less than 10 houses built in the area

He quit after the ref didn’t show up for the football championship on Saturday. He said the game was not professional enough

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Busy producing the next Danny, ive a few friends there, doing a great job.

It actually would be a big catchment area even though the Finglas area itself is small enough. The population would be near 40,000. Isles probably has a juvenile and adult playing total of about 700-800 players. Very small return on a 40,000 population.

I’m a Boden man. Huge catchment area. For me the club is too big. I firmly believe we are suffering because of it. I would advocate splitting in 2, for juvenile anyway. Rathfarnham/Ballyroan on one side, Firhouse/Knocklyon on the other.


Schools feeding into the club
Boys - Mary’s Rathfarnham, Ballyroan BNS
Girls - Pats Ballyroan, Loreto RF
Mixed - Treasa Firhouse, Knocklyon NS, Gaelscoil Cnoc Liamhna
Now the likes of Scoil Treasa Firhouse has kids in BBSE, St. Annes, TD, St. Marks, Faughs.

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Sorry about that @amigo, if you need to talk DM me…:grin::grin: