Catchment Areas for Dublin Clubs

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The question is, how should the GAA develop new clubs? I personally don’t think that the GPO system is great. Personal opinion and biased as I am a former primary school teacher and they, to me are key- not GPOs. The original blueprint put together by Humphrey, Dennis et al, suggested paying teachers for the overtime. I’m not sure what others think but at the moment, there are huge tracts of Dublin that are devoid of GAA.

You couldn’t be up to that @alanoc lad. Shameless …

If you look at the UK, the Tories broke the goodwill of teachers and their country never got it back.

Is that what goodwill hunting was all about??

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Well on their way to doing it here.

Yeah … teachers here have it very hard …

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I’m a primary school teacher. I agree with you that primary teachers are key to getting kids into the game. However I would be absolutely against teachers getting paid for extra curricular activities. There is a great passion amongst primary teachers in cumann na mbunscoil competitions. I think if you introduced pay for after school/ lunch time coaching you would have plenty of teachers (mostly unqualified and unknowledgable in a GAA sense) wanting to do it. It would dilute the passion and knowledge that is there. There are a huge amount of teachers out there who just do their class work but I’m sure would love to do GAA if there was money involved. I wouldn’t want them coaching teams in my school. There is a massive amount of committed primary(and secondary) teachers willing to do it as it is.
I know of lots of schools with good GAA men and women who just can’t get the numbers out playing. Not from lack of trying.
In relation to setting up new clubs, I don’t know the answer to that one.


Well said that man. A bit of genuine gra in an era of show me the money. Respect!


I know pats Palmerstown have one boys and one girls school with about 300 in each school (600 children). Erin go Bragh have about 5 schools with at least 400-500 in each school (2500 children). Ballymun have about 10 schools with about 250 in each (2500 children). Lucan have a huge amount of children and will be huge in the next 10 years.

Clubs in Swords should be making the most of the population boom out there. Am I wrong saying that there is just the 3 clubs in Swords? Fingallians, Finians and Colmcilles.

Na Fianna has a small enough catchment area in truth. Luckily most of the servants in the Glasnevin area are inclined to go for big families … not easy to rear in the basement either.

Yes three clubs. Fingallians have great numbers at underage now. They are doing great work. Finians are doing OK. Probably could do a lot better.loads of new developments in swords in that area. Think comcilles only started a juvenile section in the last few years.

Is there still QOTW??

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Refreshingly honest post. Good man.

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According to stats south inner city has population of 50K, but no pitches. Liffey Gaels have moved to Ballyfermot so it’s hard to attract young kids due to distance of pitches. Templeogue Synge St not active in the area at underage since merging. Portobello don’t do underage. Ranelagh Gaels are a relatively new club, but are outside the canals and their nursery is in Donnybrook, so not accessible to inner city kids. This leaves Kevin’s. A growing club, but with very little green space it will be restrictive. If GAA are genuine about increasing participation they would look at increasing green space to get kids active.

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The young lad is in Scoil Mhuire, Marino. School opens at 8.15am and lads are encouraged to bring their hurl & helmet every morning, can play at lunch time, then training for school team after school.
I’d the same in my primary school. Either Teachers have the grá or don’t.
I remember a teacher in girls school in Ballymun few years back actually paid for the girls to attend one of the Camps in Setanta just to get a school Camogie team started. Brilliant stuff.


Ravens pick up a few from swords also

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That’s fantastic. Fair play to her!

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Appropriate green space is one challenge. Pointless having 2 clubs playing the same code on the same pitches, unless it’s somewhere like Bushy, Phoenix Park etc.