Challenge game

Might be a bit early for most but looking for a challenge game for the 18th of dec div 7 8 or 9 standard will travel if need be cheers

If it goes ahead, are tickets available?

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Seasons too long! Shouldn’t be playing in the winter! Lads need a break! But sure why not play a challenge on the week leading into Christmas?

The game has gone completely mad if an AFL 7, 8 or 9 team are back before Christmas

This is the team that was near the bottom of Div8 last year too! Crazy stuff alright, but in saying that, played their last match on 2nd October so have already had their 2 months break!

As harper said the lads have had their 2 month break!! Team has a good few dropping down from div 5 ( age work etc ) their last game was 30th of august. Aim is to win promotion at least. Any takers for challenge??

Unfortunately our 500 seater stand wouldn’t be able to cope with the demand!!!

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Naomh Olafs sandyford div 11 team are looking for a challenge game against div 9/10/11 sides, be willing to travel

*Lads keep all challenge game requests to the one thread please **

St finians Newcastle div 11 team are looking for a challenge game against div 10/11 sides, be willing to travel

Pm sent

if you need a ref give me a shout

Will do chief

Pm sent

I presume you will waive the expenses!

Not a chance!

Big expense involved in travelling from Saggart to Newcastle make sure you claim every cent

I live in lucan so further to travel :laughing:

This a new team this year?