Challenge Games 2022 - anyone looking?

Hope there isn’t another thread handling this? If so apologies. May come in useful.

Wanderers AFL 6 looking for a challenge this coming Tuesday 15th March. Will travel to anyone with lights willing to host, flexible on throw in time. Will reciprocate with a challenge in Frank Kelly Park.

Contact details ?

Details sent. Thanks

Dunedin Connollys (based in Edinburgh) are travelling to Dublin on Saturday August 27th.

Would be hoping for a challenge game against Junior A or Intermediate team.

The club are Scottish champions, 4 time All Britain Champions (including 3 in a row 2016-2018), and All Ireland Junior club semi finalists 2017.

Appreciate this is in around Championship time, but hopefully will suit a team looking to get a competitive game!

Contact me for details.


Did you get a game?

Thanks to those who contacted us with recommendations, and offers. We secured a game with a Junior A side in Dublin.

We are also hoping to travel to Ireland on August 13th if that suited any teams. We had originally planned to travel to Belfast that weekend - but only happy to travel to Dublin if another team is available.

Portobello (Div9) looking for a challenge next Tuesday 26th. I know its late notice but had another team pull out. Can host or travel (within reason), preferably between Div7-10. Throw-in approx 7:30pm Thanks

O’Dwyers (Div10N) Looking for a challenge match next Thursday 28th of July. Teams between Div 9 and 11N preferably. Should be able to host or travel within reasonable distance. Cheers

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Hi lads.
As mentioned above we are travelling to Dublin this Saturday. We have flights and bus booked but unfortunately game has fallen through.

If there are any teams available for a game on Saturday (August 27th), it would be great if you could message me. We are Junior A side but happy to play above or below that grade.

My number is 0851506551.

Looking for 12:30 game

Hope you got sorted in the end


Looking for a friendly match this coming week with teams from AFL 6 to AFL 8 ideally pls.
Can host as we have lights.

Clanna Gael Fontenoy

Looking for a friendly over the Christmas AFL 9-11 would suit. Lads are getting sick off training without a game in sight.

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Relax man, way to cold

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Have a couple of “bonding” sessions or something ffs :joy:

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Might get a big turnout alright! :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

And some people think the inter county lads over train. Surley 9 -11 is more about playing and having fun? It isn’t even January yet !!


AFL 8 / Junior 5 team Looking for a friendly on Friday evening, ideally AFL 7/8/9 or Junior 4 championship team.