Champions' League 2017

In Gaelic? I never have, however I saw a training session in a local park one morning as I walked the mutt, and it was a ‘reputable’ local soccer team coaching kids how to dive… I sh1t you not!

Valid point P but taking one for the team results in a red card when a goal chance is denied. Its still not like for like. I’d simply favour reciprocal punishment. Take a man out whist through on goal, red card. Caught diving whilst trying to manufacture a penalty, red card.

Whether Neymar made the most of it or not is neither here nor there, and whether it was accidental or not the same, there was a collision, it was enough to be a foul, therefore it’s a penalty (the only foul in the box that doesn’t result in a penalty is obstruction). It’s well known that defenders/tackling players will use contact of any sort to try to obstruct/hamper/prevent a player getting a goal-scoring chance/scoring a goal. That equally is cheating, as BigP says. And it’s often fine margins.

The other one was a dive, though still a fine margin. And then there were two other situations where a penalty could have been given (plus one to PSG) so it kind of worked out even, and that’s with the chasing team being the home team, so overall the officials did pretty well.

PSG had a 4 goal lead, they shouldn’t have been letting Barca get close, especially after it went to 3-1. At that stage Barca needed 3 more goals, and the psychological advantage had shifted massively.

That a team of PSG’s wealth, experience, and ambitions could allow 3 goals from the 88th minute says much more about three things than about cheating, or officials: PSG should have scored another goal; they shouldn’t have let Barca get all those chances in the final minutes; Barca did brilliantly to keep going, and stay in the game. Even to not concede more than one goal under the circumstances was remarkable.

Apart from that, Neymar’s goal from the freekick was outstanding, very few players can do that, especially in that sort of situation, when a goal is a must. And as I posted above, the composure of the Barca players for the winning goal, under the circumstances, was worthy of triumphing, PSG’s lack of equal composure in defending wasn’t.

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Psg made no effort to engage in playing football . Got what they deserved -nothing .

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Probllem is more often than not it doesn’t, often a yellow and sometimes nothing at all. The problem with diving is that how do you prove a player is diving, I mean if a player falls over does it mean he is looking for a penalty? Refs do give cards to players for diving, so it is not as if you cannot be punished for it.
Ivan Rakitic clearly pulled a player back by the jersey the other night after Pique lost a ball, ok he got a yellow card for it, but I am sure if you asked the PSG which he would prefer, play on or a free and a yellow for Rakitic, he would have prefered to play on, but nobody will accuse Rakitic of cheating. Or if you asked Rakitic which he would prefer, a yellow or a goal,

Ah jaysus Rochey of course I was talking about soccer. GAA is the very opposite. Sure we have a drill with our u10s where they go down a line of lads hittting them with hurleys and if he they go down it’s 5 laps.


The future is in good hands :grin:

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Jaysus, diagonal running, how come I never thought of that! Weird! I do think once they adopt technology, they’ll be gone anyway, these extra guys were just an exercise to be ‘seen to do something’ and kick the inevitable use of technology down the road a bit.

Were the extra guys brought in to keep an eye on the Thiery Henry’s of this world?

I guess one is seen as more cowardly than the other. The taking a guy out one tends to be punished a lot more too, but they’re generally so blatant they can’t not be. If the powers that be were serious about getting diving out of the game they could do so by red carding guys, but there’s no will to do so as it adds to the drama.

Don’t think it was a definite, however the guy was a bit desperate in crawling to try and get in his way, Neymar made sure he did get in his way. It was similar to when guys make sure they kick the defender’s leg to make it look like they’ve been tripped.

Considering the aim of the game is to score I think it’s obvious more weight should be assigned to cheating in relation to goal scoring both in prevention and simulation. It could be looked at that it happens all over the field but in a contact sport with a strictly defined tackle you will have any number of illegal actions, some being mistimed challenges and others which are obviously cheating. Call them all up and you won’t have a game.

The penalty is also too severe in several scenarios where a goal chance isn’t on but the infraction is inside the area. Both Barcelona goals were goal chances but the contact was innocuous and clearly played on by the Neymar and Suarez who could quite easily of stayed on their feet. It makes a mockery of the game.

It works in both ways though,Ii agree they could have stayed on their feet, but in Neymar’s case the PSG guy could have avoided rolling in Neymar’s direction, he too was trying to put Neymar off the ball in a sneaky kind of way. As I said I don`t like it either, but looking for the foul has become part of the game and if refs keep faling for it, well maybe the solution will be for teams to defend further out and I suppose that would make for a more exciting gae.

Can Leicester do it?

Samir Nasri… What an idiot. Selfish git.

Loads more cheating in the wendyball game . . . Yet again

English teams don’t cheat.

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The Neymar penalty certainly did not ‘make a mockery of the game’, that’s far too definitive and taking a certain angle. It was a very marginal thing, you could argue it either way but compare it to the current rule in gaelic football, a slight tug back on the arm is a free. Why? Because it’s enough to stop a player executing a pass or shot properly, and it’s illegal. Of course, lots of players go down with minor contact, which helps them get a free. Does that “make a mockery”? I suppose you could say it does but it’s just an inevitable part of any contact sport.

The fact is that the PSG defender’s action, whether deliberate or otherwise not really relevant, arguably did enough to have put off Neymar trying to create a chance/score a goal, enough to be a free, which in the penalty area is a penalty. Is that not the same in gah too, more or less? You say it’s too harsh. All players understand & agree with the reason for the penalty existing, because to prevent a goal players will of course use any means necessary to put an attacking player off. And so the ‘penalty’ for doing that is harsh, otherwise there would be alot less goals in soccer anyway.

It would be ‘nicer’ if players didn’t go down so easily in situations like that one the other night but the fact is that it would also be nicer if players didn’t make illegal contact, sometimes deliberately, or ‘accidentally on purpose’, and if referees were always able to give frees/penalties for illegal contact. The balance of it all is that generally a high enough percentage of frees get correctly called, in other words if the refereeing is good enough, if the rules are good enough, then everything that follows is the best balance of outcome.

I doubt we will agree here Al. Having non contact in a contact sport would be a good definition of a oxymoron. Its not possible. What is possible is integrity and respect and it would be my view that soccer, at the top level anyhow has lost it. So in that regard I’d stand over the mockery comment.

As an example the greatest club game in the world being Barca v Real has decended into a farce. Its a circus show of tricks to try to con the referee. Maybe it’s an old world view but sport without honour isn’t worth the bother.

I just watched the Neymar penalty incident again, the defender clearly goes out of his way to make contact with Neymar with his arms. How anyone can use that as an example of the blight of diving, and not equally talk of the blight of cynical fouling is beyond me. Clearly said people just have a certain angle to grind.

In that incidence, it’s arguable Neymar was pretty much brought down, and even if he could have stayed up, his very good chance of a goal would have been seriously compromised, and it’s unlikely he’d have got a penalty. So he was right to make the most of it, and the only issue is with the foul.