Champions League 2019/2020

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So after gamenight one it looks like Liverpool are out of the competition and Red Bull have the best chance of winning it

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@Harrys_Tiles ain’t gonna like that …

Very uncharacteristic mistake by VVD. Only 4th defeat of 2019 - first 2 were in first 7 days - other was FA Cup. Lot of Liverpool fans not happy with VAR and pen. I don’t think VAR is going to overturn the likes of that.

I’d agree that VAR shouldn’t overturn it. It could have been given or not given and it wasn’t “clear and obvious”

Koulibaly is some defender. United would have been better off spending 80mil on him I think

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Are Ewan your funny half hour?
Let me know when you’re done.

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Liverpool just played below par and got beaten, no drama.

We’d enough chances to be 2 or 3 nil up. It happens and we got beaten, fair play to Napoli they were good for their win. No complaints from me.


Really - what did you think of the peno?

A magical night for Red Bull Salzburg to get their UCL Group Stage campaign up and running defeating Racing Genk 6-2. The game was just nuts in general with chances at both ends.

Alf Inge Haaland s son got a hat trick. Jaysus I m getting greyer as I write that.

Why are forwards so rarely booked for deliberate handball? Bale’s VAR disallowed goal being a case in point.

Frustrating afternoon for :belgium: Club Brugge as they draw 0-0 with :tr: Galatasaray. Both were already massive underdogs heading into a group with PSG and Real Madrid so the result really doesn’t help either of them.

You’re not half touchy when it comes to Liverpool :joy::joy:

Problem here is, Liverpool have been slagged for years for being the nearly team, they win the CL last year, now everyone wants to see them bet. It’s very like every outside of Dublin wanting Dublin to lose because they are the best at the moment. Few years ago, the other counties didnt really care about us, just slagged us for not winning, but now everyone is against us. Same with Liverpool. Funny thing is, Dub09 supports fookin Leeds. That is like a new york or London fan slagging off Dublin

You don’t need to concern yourself with me.

I think you are getting Liverpool mixed up with Man City.

Case in point…

I hope you grow up to be as clever as you seem to think you are.
I have no interest in anything you have to say to me (or in general) and similarly you’re more than welcome to ignore me until they fix the ignore button.

Good luck.

Imagine being this genuinely touchy over a soccer team, hilarious.

And you’re telling me to grow up :joy:

UEFA Champions League Group Stages start tomorrow but we don’t have a thread yet for the 2019/20 edition.

Holy afterglow-of-the-all-ireland-final Batman!!!
What are we gonna do?


Did CL kick off tonight? Any results?