Champions League 2020/2021

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Somebody’s gonna have an ohmgasm.

It should be mentioned already one team in this year’s competition has been affected by Covid as :kosovo: Drita were forced to forfeit to Linfield after two of their players had positive tests. Some of tonight’s 1Q round ties. All games of course behind closed doors.

:poland: Legia Warsaw vs Linfield
Celtic vs :iceland: KR Reykjavik
:serbia: Red Star Belgrade vs :gibraltar: College Europa

Huge respect for Linfield :clap: really making things difficult for Legia but in the end the Polish champions prevail thanks to a :guinea: Jose Kante goal with 10 minutes left.

Celtic very comfortbale at the moment against :iceland: KR

Is it their play you like or their choice of away kit?


Dundalk a goal down against :slovenia: Celje with the 2nd half about to start.

Dundalk gone now , 2-0 in the 89th min.

Naive in the extreme.

They’ve gone back on what they were a couple of years ago. Dalkdun.

Do you think their new coach good enough to take them back up to where Kenny had them?

Well those Western Australian desert training camps seem to have backfired anyway

I hear they’re looking to amalgamate with Linfield.


What an absolute mess this has turned into. :neutral_face:

Slovan may have to give a walk over now to the Faroese champions without kicking a ball.

Fradi!!! :open_mouth:

OTB’s pet team is out

:hungary: Ferencvaros knock Celtic out in the 2nd qualifying round. Tokmac Nguen’s stature is rising.

Surely that’s Mayo ??

FK Sarajevo trying to make a point to UEFA after a wrongly ruled out goal sent them out of the CL on Wednesday.

@Ohm forget the obscure European soccer. Give the people what they really want, Senior B predictions and updates !

Did UEFA conspire to let the giants and global media darlings of Brest go through? Bit of a big boob so.