Champions League 2021/22

Away goals rule scrapped in all club competitions from this coming season onwards

Always felt it could be a bit unfair at times that the away team in the 2nd leg could in theory get an extra 30 mins to get an away goal. Maybe having it only count over the original 180 mins might have been a better way to deal with it rather than getting rid altogether

If fairness is the issue, and teams are tied after 180 minutes, they should just go straight to pennos, and avoid one team having an extra thirty minutes of home advantage.

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Hooped â– â– â– â– â–  beaten 2-0 in Bratislava :clap::clap::clap:

Celtic knocked out. Best of luck Mr Postecoglou.

Another catastrophic failure.

Well sadly that is the end of the Champions League campaign for :belgium: Genk. Beaten 2-1 tonight by :ukraine: Shakhtar Donetsk and 4-2 the 3rd qualifying round. It was always going to be an uphill task for the Genkies and Shakhtar were just better tonight at managing the tie.
:brazil: Tete and :brazil: Marcos Antonio in particular were great.

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I wonder how contingent Rangers’ spending to date has been on qualifying for the Champions’ League group stages?

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A lot I’d say. They now have to go to Kazakhstan or Armenia for a Europa League playoff game. By no means handy for them

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The smirk and arrogance of Boyd on Sky at half time didn’t last long just like Rangers journey itself


The contrast with Celtic, who are the real Glaswegians (doont spend a fuckin’ pinny).

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Came across an interesting stat. Of Rangers last 8 competitive games in front of crowds. They’ve won 2 and lost 6.

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First 3 PO Qualifying Round Champions League ties take place tonight.

That’s continental European time @Ohm_Flatley . 20.00 ko Irish time . Remember your audience.

26 group stage places pre-assigned to a select few countries. 6 places available for the rest.
Show me the money.

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7 Brazilians in the Shaktar line up. Only 2 Ukrainians. Maybe I m stuck in the past but that just seems wrong even if it is professional sport.

Sure recent English teams have had no English players on certain XIs?! Chelsea I think … maybe Arsenal.

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German Super Cup is live on Sky right now,
Bayern 1 Dortmund 0
These two teams do not like each other, quite a few meaty/late tackles by both teams

They’ve always loads of Brazilians in their team. They have plenty scouts in Brazil and they’ve found many diamonds over the years.

True, and even though it’s pro sport I think every team should have a few local lads. Brazilians are omnipresent though and I mean they produce good players but not that many.

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A lot of their younger Ukrainian player aren’t quite starters yet and on the bench too. They aren’t the only ones either :moldova:. Sheriff only have one Moldovan starting tonight.