Champions League 2022/23

Dynamo Kyiv v Benfica on the box tonight in the playoff round 1st leg.

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A bit unfair on Benfica, not their fault, a few years ago most would love to see Kiev getting knocked. Iโ€™d imagine Kiev must be very weakened as a lot of players were sllowed to move outside the transfer windows. My local club here have one or two Ukrainians, donโ€™t know if they came from Dynamoโ€ฆ

Think the foreign players all gone but they seem to ave held on to the best Ukrainian players they had.

The lads here are from Ucraine both came from Shaktar

I meant the dynamo team playing tonight seem to have retained their Ukrainian players. Neres of Benfica signed for Shaktar 4 weeks before the invasion. Never played for them, signed for Benfica for nothing as Shaktar owed Benfica 15 million for some other player.

The club here is in about the equivelant of the old English 3rd so I wouldnt say the 2 lads are big names, donโ€™t know how good they are. Yep I understood you were talking about Kiev.

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