Champions' League 2022-23

Red Star level on aggregate v Maccabi Haifa. I don’t know who I want more to lose.
Belgrade shirt sponsor is Gazprom.

Benfica strolling into the next round. Some very promising young players, you can see the big super clubs come raiding again.

Horrendous defending by PSV . Rangers 1 up

Why do European clubs buy Argentine keepers. Yer man is brutal . So was Villarreal s last season in the CL. Muck.



jaysus that lad doing the draw would do your swede in, putting an “eh” at the end of every word.
"liverpooleh willeh playeh ineh groupeh Aeh.

Plzen the poor fuckers. Bayern, Barca and Inter. Not even the chance for them to drop into the Europa

Madrid will be playing 3rd div football midweek

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Disappointed Eintracht didn’t get Celtic but glad they didn’t get landed the blue huns again. For the lads making any trip Lisbon the safest and most enjoyable all round, even though I love Marseille as a city

So Liverpool get drawn in a group with Rangers for the first time ever. I’m sure the Irish bar owners in Liverpool will be delighted at what’s coming their way…that’s one game I definitely won’t be looking to head over.

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And Liverpool not even really part of the UK either is it? That could mean even more trouble


Napoli v rangers will be tasty, nasty bunch them Napoli fans, rangers fans wont know what they’ve walking in to.

They will know if they’ve seen even one episode of Gomorrah

Who will Stevie G be shouting for?

van Bronckhorst has done an excellent job at Rangers after the initial wobbles following Gerrad’s departure.

As for “Irish” bar owners, there are plenty of “Irish” bars in Albufeira and Montechoro in the Algarve - lots of Rangers fans chose to stay there when Rangers were playing their Europa League final in Seville last May. I didn’t hear of any trouble due to their presence. It looks like you may be pre-judging their behaviour, just like the Paris police chose to pre-judge Liverpool fans’ behaviour at the recent Champions’ League final.

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Our Orange friends up north have a difficult decision to make. Who to support when their two favourite teams meet.

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how can you have 2 favourite teams?

Chelsea & Rangers?? :smirk:

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Dublin and Meath? :confused:

Oh ouch….alright. Apologies to any rangers fans I may have incorrectly insulted. Enjoy your weekend mate

I’m sure Rangers fans will be welcome in Liverpool. There are great ties between the teams both historically and recently.