Champions' League 2022-23

I’ve never seen a team drop off the map so quickly . Most of their medical department is gone or moved on .

Too many coincidences there for me

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Did the double at Chelsea, sacked a year later.

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RM is a mad club and and generally with them there’s no reaction like an overreaction. If Barca hand them their arse on a platter on Sunday he could get his cards very shortly afterwards. Horrible club

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Horrible club? Id struggle to find one I like in Spain

So I’m not wrong? they are a horrible club

Barca used to stand for something alot better than RM. There’s huge history there which I presume you’re aware of?

Barca have lost all credibility in recent years.


How do you lose credibility in pro sport. I don’t know the ins and outs of the current scandal, but I do know there is a lot of bullshit doing the rounds, I also know one of the ex presidents accused is only out of prison, afer two years on remand, longest ever remand in spanish history, he was found innocent of all charges. I also know every time Barça come up with a way of signing players, selling tv rights or whatever, the Liga change the rules. The president of the league has publicly made statements saying Barcelona won’t be able to sign next year, without know what the situation will be, doesn’t help if you are trying to sign players from foreign leagues. The same president publicly said yesterday he does not believe that Barça tried to buy refs, but believes they tried to influence decisions, talk about being imparcial. Barcelona have two problems, one is the super league and the other is they are catalans.
I honestly believe the current case is internal corruption and nothing to do with refs etc, the accused simply set up a company to take money from the club, it is only an opinion and could be mules off .

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Always had a soft spot for Athletic Bilbao.

Josepa Etxeberria was some player in Championship Manager as well.


They deserve huge respect for being able to survive with only basque players, they do use the granny rule, but most are completely home grown.

Still a wonderful experience going to the Nou Camp . Love it personally .

Real fans and real passion unlike the Premier League. Anyone who didn’t get to see Messi in his halcyon years live at the Nou Camp really missed out in my opinion

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Julen Guerrero and Iker Muniain too

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Arguably the greatest era of any club side ever

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Don’t think any other team played football like them . Won’t be another Messi ever again anyway.

Undoubtedly a great player but seen him twice in anfield and he didn’t do a tap, maybe it was the yellow jersey.

Go back to bed Bertie


Not the draw Pep was looking for

First Bayern then the winners play Real (or Chelski)

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Lopsided draw but you’ll have to beat the best at some time in the CL. Didn’t fancy Citeh before the draw. Even less so now. Mind you they have a good record v Bayern.

Uefa looking for a new face in the final :thinking:

Napoli v Real final …… that would really piss off the “Greatest League in the World” :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: