Champions' League 2022-23

Big fan base doesn’t make a club successful. See United and Liverpool for about 20 years.

They don’t, but they do guarantee cash

Abu Dhabi unlikely to get bored with a team like this - playing some of the best football ever seen.

But they are the 2 most successful clubs in England

They are just fantastic really.

they have also put a good chunk off money into matters off the pitch as well

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Of course they have. That money wont wash itself will it

Newcastle, Sunderland, etc

It’s about how it’s used


And domestically. Why international focus?

Cos multi million fan bases across the world tend to generate more income than ones based in cities in the North of England.

Your point was that a big fan base doesn’t make a club successful. I agreed with that giving some other examples. Whether domestic or international is neither hither nor thither WRT the general point.

But it offers the possibility to generate huge bucks and huge bucks help to make a successful club, clearly does not gaurantee success

Sponsorship is driven by your global awarness.
you need to be winning to drive that awarness (or sign a load of asian players).

Covid showed that the fans coming through the gate - didnt really matter once the TV money was still coming through.

Levy at spurs is trying to go the business route to gain awarness of Tottenham - the NFL, an F1 Karting track under one of the stands - more f*cking posts on social media about Beyonce playing a handful of nights at the stadium next month than the football (probably more interesting than the football these days). combine all that and he’ll get a sponsor for the naming rights.

The fans though have a pain in the whole with the business element of it - there use to be a football club over there they will say.

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Back when fans through gates was the main thing, or at least still a major factor, clubs like Newcastle were still getting no more success than many much ‘smaller’ clubs. Hence they’ve been an example of how big gates in a big stadium often don’t/didn’t mean any real success.

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There are lots of other examples of how big gates did bring success, not a gaurantee, but lets say it helped

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also geting a big gate in newcastle prob brings in less match day money than other clubs getting half the crowd.

Generally always helps . Cash is king :crown:

Think it was Keith Burkinshaw credited with that quote. Spurs were one of the main drivers of the commercialisation of the game. First club listed on the London stock exchange for eg.