Champions' League 2022-23

Offside i say

Thought Feyenoord peno was harsh and :yellow_square: that followed but 2nd :red_square: was nailed on.

Celtic are gack though.Scottish football is poor .

Lazio keeper equalised in 94th minute v Athletico 1-1

Celtic are alot better these last few years. They can keep the ball these days and work through the lines. But they are very error prone in defence and that is always their achilles heel in europe. The challenge in the box for the peno and straight red card were headless. No need for either. Hart also very poor for 1st goal.

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Just watched that. Nice header too.

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I think they re poor . Compared to even M o Neill teams during his time.The Japanese fella , the winger spurs are interested in, I would nt say anyone else is.

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Completely different era of purchase power so not sure the comparison is valid. Larsson, Sutton, Hartson, Lambert (european cup winner), Petrov, Moravcik were all quality players. Celtic certainly had better quality in the past but they play a far better technical game now than under O’Neill who was route one only. Any expansion of european leagues should in theory help them.

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They could attract those players then hence my point that Scottish football has deteriorated since. Celtic banked a lot of money from the Jota sale but what quality player would consider playing there.

Players looking to make a name for themselves is what they can attract. Basically Brighton without as good quality.

But Ange played a very progressive game that was good to watch.


United could get a hiding. Hopefully.

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Real get a winner in 94th minute. Jammy ■■■■■■■■ …

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Onana howler. He did the same for Ajax twice in big CL games. Has that big mistake in his game.

Shocker. Damien Delaney is a pain in the hole.


Onana by name …… You Nana by nature, as ex noisey neighbor from Manchester scores

Pellistri embarrassing for that goal.

Got rid of de gea for him …

United have three keepers on the bench … and none on the pitch.

Peno I say

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