Champions League Final Poll

Very surprised at the split in votes , thought it would be a much bigger margin for Real.

Hoping for Liverpool. I suppprt Liverpool because my dad does (probably the reason most of us support a certain team). Dad has been living with cancer these past few years. Sporting runs have kept him going, especially Mayo but disappointingly have fell short again and again so here’s to the red men hopefully changing that.



Please God Real Madrid absolutely hammer the scouse c*ntz

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Nice one Mystic meg!

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Sorry to hear about your father. Hoping he beats it. An absolutely horrible pig of a disease


I’d nearly shout for L*****ool tonight for Mr @mayoman … I said nearly …

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That’s just embarassing.

Ha. Are you still sore about the hosing Man City out of it?

Would like to see Liverpool win but think this Madrid team have too much nous about them. Could end up 5-4 all the same.

Is this in Dublin or Liverpool ?

I hope to ■■■■ it’s Liverpool

It’s Liverpool (or somewhere else in England at least) you can just see a Police van to the right hand side

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Ah go on…you will be celebrating again in September no doubt

Ah right , was just wondering with the tri colours .

Real it is so !

in the quarter finals at least? Just as well you didn’t predict your final wish!

Pavement’s far too clean for Dublin.
I remember once a bunch of “United” ‘fans’ were kicking off in Dame St after they lost the final to Barca. Maybe because somebody asked them which League of Ire club they supported.

What are they singing in anyway?

Sat through that. Great skill by bale for the goal. Otherwise decided by two of the worst pieces of goal keeping I have ever seen.

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