Championship Eligibility

Do DCB issue a document outlining the rules around regrading and eligibility to play at the various grades?

For example, a guy who played intermediate last year, would have had to be regraded to play junior this year. If he had played intermediate two years ago and nothing last year, is he eligible for junior this year without being formally regraded? Similarly, a guy who played J1 last year, does he need to be regraded to play at a lower level, or is it just a regrading between Senior / Intermediate & Junior.

Any help would be appreciated.

Before people start answering with what they believe is the answer to the poster’s queries, I think it’s important to note that he is looking for an actual document from DCB that outlines the rules

Thanks @carnycode. That’s my key question. I’ve heard umpteen different versions of what is allowed and what isn’t, and am hoping that DCB issued a note, probably when they changed the championship structure a couple of years back to the All-County basis.

No document available but if he didnt play at all last year he can play any level this year. If he played Jun A last year and didnt regrade he is still Jun A.

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Did we not establish a regrade is needed on a separate thread …

DCB Bye laws (on the website) Number 26 cover the procedure

GAA Official Guide Part 1 section 6.20 deals with Gradings of Clubs and Players

The email sent with the regrading form this year stared that “Regrading is required in all instances where a player wishes to play Championship in 2021 at a lower level than that in which he played in 2020”

If you did not play last year then you do not need to be regraded as you do not have a championship status.

Your club secretary can confirm this with the CCC by email quite easily.


Thanks @Vin. He’s checking for me aswell.

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Well…was your friend able to (legally) play ?