Championship Finals 2021

Championship Finalists for 2021

Senior 1
Kilmacud Crokes v St Judes

Senior 2
Cuala v Templeogue

Inter Club
St Pats D v Round Towers C

Inter AC
Cuala v Na Fianna

Junior 1 Club
Geraldine P Morans v St Marks

Junior 2 Club
Kevins/Killians v Shankhill

Junior 1 All County
Templeogue v Clontarf

Junior 2 All County
Round Towers C v Cuala

Junior 3 All County
St Pats D v Ballyboden

Junior 4 All County
Naomh Olaf v St Judes

Junior 5 All County
Kilmacud v Castleknock

Junior 6 All County South
Lucan v St Marks

Junior 6 All County North
Raheny v St Judes


My takeaways from the weekend

St Judes top the pile reaching 3 seperate finals, which is some going!

Cuala finally making it to Senior A is huge, will be interesting to see can they push on next year, when they’re in the mood they’re very very good

Good to see St Marks making two finals as well, they’ve stablised in the last couple of years and look to be making strides again.

Templeogue and Clontarf second teams making intermediate is a big stepping stone for two growing Clubs.

Round Towers Clondalkin & Pats Donabate with two promotions and back to Senior is a massive step in both Clubs rejuvinations, two Clubs on the rise again. Both have potential to be massive clubs given their population demographics

19 of the 24 Finalists are Southside Clubs, thats some going

Two up two down is great, we’ll see really competitive championships again next year after full leagues hopefully, yet part of me misses the old way of winner takes it all :joy:


St Judes have competition at the top. Cuala also made 3 finals it seems, Inter AC being the 3rd.

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19 outta 24 teams Southside.

Que, split Southside in half etc.

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Is not semi finals in junior 2? Shankill and Ballyfermot topped groups


Add Na Fianna for a final there as their opposition. Not bad for a hurling club.


If it was straight to finals it would be ourselves and shankhill in it👍

any dates and venue for the final’s out yet ?

Would imagine home draws are out of the equation,

-Abbotstown (4G)
-O’Toole Park
-Parnell Park

These are typically the popular venues for finals?

Most Junior finals will be home on toss of a coin I think.

All the All County Finals last year were home team out first in the draw, there are 12 finals in two weeks time, can’t see them putting 3 to 4 games on each one in a weekend

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cheers thanks for the info

But they have the Saturday and Sunday reserved so it can probably be done over the two days?

11am and 2pm throw ins across three venues on both days?

Yeah possibly, I think they’ll go with home games for The All County finals, it would be a brutal decision mind you, no one should have a home championship final

Except the Dubs … :smiling_imp:


Surely the county board could organize a few pitches to ensure that all of these games are played at neutral venues. A team having a home final is ridiculous and shouldn’t be allowed to happen.

When will the venues and times be listed? I hope they’ll keep the games where clubs have more than one team in a final on at different times. If they stick with the usual times we’ll have our three teams playing at the one time.

And more importantly you won’t be able to stack your teams :wink:

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County Board usually send an email with confirmed fixtures for each week on a Tuesday around lunch time!

(Gone be the days when you pegged it to the shop to check the herald at lunch time!! :grin:)


Jaysus … first world problems.

Only messing - hope club members can get to all three if they want to.

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Does the winner of the Intermediate AC between Cuala and Na Fianna get promoted to Senior?
Genuine question. I’ve been away a long time.