Cheltenham 2018

Big kick off is tomorrow.

Heading over myself this evening.

Banker of the week for me is Defi De Seuil in the Triumph first race Friday.

Strange run up to the festival with sheer amount of stars missing, still the roar for the supreme novice to mark the beginning of the festival is one of the greatest things I’ve experienced in sport.

Anybody have any fancies?

Haven’t got a chance to do any homework this year and I’m away on Friday so it’s a complete write off compared to my usual 4 day marathon on the bar stool, is it me or is there a lot less hype this year than usual on Cheltenham?

Waaay less hype.

Think the casual observers are looking through the cards and not recognizing alot of names.

This is due to a changing of the guard and the sheer volume of retirements and deaths

Horse died/put down after a heavy fall in the first race.
I think if any animals were exposed to such dangers in any other walk of like, there’d be much more of an outcry. The tally-ho crowd and the money earned by govt. revenue departments sees horse racing get away with it.

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Not a mention of this yet and starting tomorrow. I know myself how hard it is to pick winners in this but use this for any tips, or outsider fancies, inside word etc. Love this week!

@URoy usually gives his tuppence.

Settled in here in Atlanta watching ITV coverage on the interwebber. My favourite four days of the Racing calender. Magical. To be able to watch it live is a gift.

Been a top class festival so far, cracking races.

Altior & Samcro being the highlights

Pity for Ruby breaking the leg again so soon after his return, hopefully he can recover and ride again