Chimney Flue Liner

We are having a bit of smoke leakage in our chimney.

Obviously due to old bricks/ eroded mortar…

Anyone ever have their Chimney Lined ?

Is it costly?

I’m assuming it becomes costly if they ‘need’ to erect scaffolding?

Any tips/ advice appreciated.


Sorry Bottler. One-liners maybe - flue liners … no.

Bet that fat fecker in the red suit and white beard dislodged the plaster after eating all your mince pies.

:joy: Some bucko Dub09 :grinning:

It shouldn’t be all that expensive, and you can often get it done through your house insurance, (structural and fire safety) just contact a chimney business, they will look at what needs doing, and then let you know if it’s covered etc

A flue liner for log burners made of aluminium foil costs around 250 euro to supply and fit. When you are getting your log burner or other solid fuel burner you are best advised get the job done then. Solid fuel installers may tell you theres no need to instal the Flue liner and that your flue is ok. It well may be but it is so easy for it to crack later and then to get the 250 euro job done will cost in excess of 3000 euro. (A house insurance job if you have it and also a fibre optics camera report from your local “Chimney Doctor” And beware of the friendly chimney sweep. Many of them are chancing their brushes down your new log burner and and narrow extension breaking the delicate seal left by the installers. These romantic lady killer sweeps then the chimney sweeps from hell and wont be seen for dust when you ask them whats happenin? Somethin burnin…no its just smoke…no its toxic fumes…no it wont kill the neighbours…sure aren’t we ok.

Where’s it leaking Bottler? into the room with the fire or into other rooms? Do you have a stove or an open fire? I presume you tried getting it swept?