Christmas 2019

My favourite time of year kicking off (early as usual) with Grafton street changing its name! But also, the John Lewis ad has been released. It’s a most wonderful time of the year! Big mistake bringing the kids with me into Homebase!!! They saw all the decos and now want ours up ASAP… Anyway, the John Lewis ad:


Seen it earlier brilliant. Think someone was chopping onions nearby when I was watching it…

The add itself is only OK, but their music selection that they use with their adds is excellent and makes the adds great.

BTW, it’s the 14th November FFS, am already fed up of the adds on TV, getting worse every year

If I’m honest, Christmas p1sses me off, running around trying to please everyone, making sure you don’t miss anyone, especially now that we are living here and only back for 10 days. The conversations usually start in the summer. Where are we going to go this year? Last year we went here, this year they are home too so would be nice to be all together, we go there every year, bla bla bla. All I want to do is get lamped. Loves Stephens day!


Bah humbug!!

Actually, I can see where you’re coming from. It’s a marmite time of year. Some people dread it, I happen to love it! Every year it’s tinged with sadness missing the people no longer with us, who were an integral part of the joy of the season. Having young kids helps make it special too.

I’m aware it’s mid November too, and my decos won’t be going up for about 4 more weeks, but the advert triggered the ‘feeling’ exactly as it’s designed to. The music is brilliant. They choose songs not covered before and modernise them. Used to shift youngones to REO Speedwagon in the lawn many moons ago! :heart_eyes:

Ah I’m not fully bah humbug. I do like christmas and love seeing the kids having a ball. We do the elf on the shelf thing, so decs will go up that weekend here, not many though as we will be back for the 22nd. I think as you said it gets less enjoyable as you get older because there will be people missing too. The year my father and wife’s sister died we said feck it, christmas this year is in our gaff, and whoever wants to come can come. Ended up being 26 people at it. Good job she can cook! It ended up being one of the best ones we have had, snots and tears included!

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Love xmas.

Hate elf on the shelf.

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Love christmas…just not before 2nd week.if December.

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There is now a security camera version (the product is real, the camera isn’t). I find it very sinister. Last year I was talking to someone who had to buy an Elf on a shelf because their young child was getting so wound up about not having one. Apparently all their friends had one and if they didn’t then Santa might not visit as he wouldn’t know if the child had been good or not.

Its an almighty pain in the hole. The missues took it much more seriously than me.

“what will we do for the elf tonight”. :see_no_evil: Theres only so many scenarios you can put the creepy fcuker in.

That product above is all types of wrong.

Poor quality but maybe you lot would prefer these to the traditional elf on the shelf


True, that elf on the shelf is just a triumph in marketing, an idea that went from nothing 10/12 years ago to being a vital part of Xmas now.
When we were growing up we were told that a robin in the garden was watching for Santa, and with every second Xmas card having a robin on it made sense to us as kids that there must be a connection.
My own kids grew up under the watchful eye of the robin too, and in my mind it was a much sweeter idea than moving a toy around the house every night.


It really, really is. Creepy as fcuk too.

Kids shouldn’t be told it’s normal behavior for their every waking & sleeping minute to be captured on a camera, even if it’s a fake gag camera.

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Sister and her 2 girls coming home from Brisbane for Xmas so looking forward to that. On the down side another Xmas without my Dad and Nan so I’m sure there will be a teat or 2 shed over a few beers on Xmas Day.

Yea the younger 2 are petrified of the elf, but still say it has to be there. You are not allowed touch it in front of them in case you take his magic away. Fook you, you-tube!

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Conditioning the docile consumers of tomorrow to accept constant surveillance. But I suppose kids who spent half their waking hours on a phone dont really need that.

Elf on the shelf is a pri**… Forgot I put him into my sock drawer last year, 6.30am this morning, put my hand in for pair socks, frightened the shit out of me, little ■■■■■■■…

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The worst part of that Liam, is that you only changed your socks once since last Christmas!

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Christmas is wonderful when you are a kid or when you have young kids. Once they are teen-agers, I think the magic fades a bit.
The next great stage is when they have left home and you look forward to their return (once they have been gone long enough).
Outside this it can be tedious at times.

Love Christmas, youngest kid is boarder line believer, so trying to even get another year this year. But, agree with @dub_in_exile the magic goes when they hit teens…
Neighbours on the road have all the Xmas stuff up, drove into estate tonight, and got “when are we putting ours up” from the kids… They’ll have to wait for another three weeks :joy::joy:

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I love Christmas, but people really shoot their wad ridiculously early these days.

Don’t entertain decorations until the latter teens of December. Eff that!!

Enjoy the catch ups with mates and family, but can’t be dealing with big family gatherings on Christmas Day - it can be very overwhelming and I just end up hating it. I knocked that on the head a few years ago when I just didn’t feel up to it mentally. Best thing I did. Now we stay home, me, missus, nipper and my Dad joins us for dinner later on. Every year my sister puts pressure on to reassemble a big gathering and every year I knock the idea on the head.

Oh, and the Toy Show can take a flying f*ck to itself as well.