Christmas 2019

Great to hear from you Joxer. It’s not often enough. I’d love to have Chrimbo dinner with you if/when my family disown me. We could watch Decade of the Dubs (70’s an 10’s versions) after the deserts and Brandys.

Digestifs and Dubs. Sounds like a plan

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2 become 1 (by the Spice Girls)- Basil Poledouris

Just when I thought I would have to do some work :smile:

Mud - Lonely this Christmas

Covered by John Prine! Might just work.

Always on my mind - The pet shop boys covered by Chris Cornell. Now that would have made it a good song!

Mistletoe and Wine by Porcupine Tree :rofl:

The Human League - Don’t you want me, covered by David Keenan

Bohemian rhapsody with Billy Connolly singing !!!

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Bony M’s Mary’s Boy Child done by Aimee Mann. She would’ve turned it into a tragedy

The Billie Barry kids really are Satan’s children aren’t they?

Yes. But it’s part of the culture.

They’re possessed by demons. It’s not right.

Oh yes it is


Ah jaysus think someone in the room was chopping onions while Sophie was on

Nanny Pat is trending on Twitter. :rofl:

Ah these fuckers are trying to send us over the edge :sob:

I’ve only managed to follow it on twitter and yet here I am, sweating from my eyes!!!

What in the living fùck is wrong with people

Mr Blobby - by Luke Kelly…that’d be interesting

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