Christy Ring Saga

Meath ‘won’ the Christy Ring today by 2-18 to 1-20 against Antrim, however Antrim are claiming that the game was in fact a draw. Issues with the scoreboard in Croke Park and apparently also on TG4 have lead to this occurring. Bizarre thing to be happening in this day and age and I don’t think I’ve seen anything like it before. Anyone out there able to clear this up for definite? Presume Antrim back room team will watch whole video again with Pen and paper and count scores that way!

Apparently Meath were awarded a point at some stage that the umpire called wide, but the ref actually recorded it as a point. Easy enough thing to check, just watch the game again. Only way you can appeal a score is if you’ve got video evidence, and well, there was plenty of cameras in croker. TG4 reporting that the ref told them his report confirmed a Meath win… Will be interesting to see how this plays out.

Unless the rule was changed there is no appeal of a score. See Louth in 2010.

If the ref reports that Meath won then Meath won. The award of a game is made by the Committee in Charge acting on the referee’s report. Unless he says he got it wrong they have no option but to award the game to Meath.

I thought the rule was if you can prove a score was awarded wrongly using video evidence. I could be totally wrong though, and you’d know better than I would to be fair

Is there a scenario whereby if it is proven beyond doubt that the game finished level that Meath could offer a rematch?

Clear as mud - not!!!

Did Carlow offer one a number of years back and the offer was accepted?

It was Laois offered Carlow one and the game was played but afterwards as a precedent it was stamped out.

And 2010 would suggest that Meath are not likely to offer one, not that I think they should. Where does it stop?

Unless the rule has changed, and I don’t think it has, it’s down to the ref. If he’s wrong and he knows it he should report that. His inter county career is probably finished anyway.

“The committee or Council in charge may also award a Game based on the outcome of an objection or counter objection”

Does that not leave the door open for an appeal by Antrim?

Alan if it proves as blatant as the score being incorrectly recorded then surely something should be done??? If it’s not an interpretation of a rule issue or such like but a blatant factual error that should be corrected IMO. Neither team has any championship fixtures etc so it can easily be done. And if it sets a precedent it’s a correct precedent.

Objections tend to be almost always about ineligible players, never about scores.

The one rule I am aware of states

“A Referee’s Report, including any
Clarification thereto, shall be presumed to
be correct in all factual matters and may only
be rebutted where unedited video or other
compelling evidence contradicts it;”

The problem here is it relates strictly to hearings on disciplinary matters and is not a part of the section on objections,which is the only way, unless the ref changes his mind, that a refixture could be ordered.

I don’t expect this game to be replayed unless the ref puts his hand up. It’s no different to Louth in 2010.

It’s a dangerous precedent. If one mistake by the ref can be challenged then where do you stop?

It’s not ideal and it would be far better for the ref to own up but if he doesn’t the GAA would be breaking their own rules by refixing the game and in fact Meath could appeal and probably win.

I think it’s very different Alan - that’s the point. If it is a blatant wrongly recorded score it is simply wrong, on any level, to effectively ignore the mistake and let the injustice stand.

Limerick minors and Hawkeye is another example.

I’m not saying it’s fair but the rules do not allow for anything else.

And if you’re going to change that you better be very careful in how you phrase it.

I’d have been appealing for a replay of the 2013 All Ireland hurling semi on the basis of gross incompetence if I could.

That’s what I mean by a dangerous precedent.

I know what you’re saying Alan but when it’s blatant and not subject to any interpretation of rules or any such greyness then the right thing is to correct the wrong. I don’t think the GAA should run away from creating any precedence where the decision is the 100% right thing to do.

RTÉ reporting that it’s been accepted that the referee made a mistake and the CCCC will meet Tuesday to discuss

Then it is likely to be refixed.

As far as I’m aware, an Antrim point was mistakenly awarded to Meath (don’t ask me how) both on the TG4 screen and on the scoreboards - I can only assume they are linked in that TG4 takes their lead from the Croke Park scoreboards.

The mistake appears to have been spotted and Antrim were then correctly given the point they should have got, but the addition to Meath’s score was overlooked, hence their extra point.

I’ll be honest, I was sitting on the laptop and only taking occasional glances, and thought it was my lack of attention that made the score updates very confusing.

I see the following coming from the RTE live Championship feed;

“RTÉ understands that an error was made by referee John O’Brien in recording the score in yesterday’s Christy Ring Cup final between Meath and Antrim. The CCCC will meet on Tuesday.”

Sure they displayed Dubs crest against Armagh’s name for most of the Nicky Rackard.