Cian O’Sullivan Retires

Cian O’Sullivan has announced his inter county retirement


Fair play Ciano. What a servant to his county !

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Best wishes lad, brilliant football career

Not surprising, best of Luck COS hope you get a few years with the club , enjoy the memories
First time I saw him was in Parnell Park with a few unknowns playing for Gilroy , Kevin MAC and EOG , thought he’d a bit about him , never suspected for a second what was going to transpire

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What year was it we were all shitting ourselves his hammer would be fit to start the AI final? Was it 2013? Or 2015?

Prob all of them !

Best of luck ciano

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Retired from club and county it seems. Great player and what a career.

A class act and fantastic defender. His game intelligence and positional sense got him through games that he never should have been fit enough to play in.
Very few from 2011 left now.


Amazing player for us, wish him all the best going forward.

Not a shock, the injuries etc have taken their tool but his prime, what a Rolls Royce of a player!

He was so gifted he could have played anyway and sometimes did, however he has set the benchmark as a sweeper.

Thank you Cian for all your service to the blue jersey, you’ll never be forgotten . I wish you a long, healthy & happy future with your family.



Best Wishes Cian. Brilliant footballer who served club and county with distinction. One of the greats.

Amazing player.
His reading of the game was second to none.
Always seemed to be on the right place at right time.
As somebody said he could have played in any position.

Top class, always hard to see lads forced to retire, I know we can say he is going with a sack full of medals, but I’d imagine what these lads love doing is playing the medals are probably secondary . Great servant, went to hell and back for the cause


Brilliant player

One of our best ever I’d say

Versatility , class on the ball and man marking

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Started in the FB line and played all over 2-9 after. Was a great MF option when needed but his reading of the game and pace made him the ideal 6. He is also a really decent bloke. Thanks for the memories Cian - and there are many.


Best of luck Cian, thanks for the memories.

What a player, a great guy too from the one or two times I’ve met him, no doubt his career off the pitch will be as successful

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Yup. Won all Ireland’s at corner back, centre back, midfield and as a sweeper. That’s incredible versatility.

He did all this without sprinting since about 2011.